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At 4am, the weather didn’t look too good…I thought I saw a flash of lightning in the distant while preparing to head out of the house. “Will it rain?” It really worried me….

When Itchyfingers reached the starting line, it was unusually windy. Flash of lightning again in the distant. But there was no word from the organiser that the event was to be delayed. (Only found out later on Facebook that they were monitoring the weather and would delay the starting time if necessary). I had been running with Great Eastern, an all-women run, for their 10km category for the past three years. This was the first time I joined their 21km run since the category started last year. It would be my sixth Half Marathon run. But like every other times, I am always never fully prepared and trained for it. The last 21km at the Army Half Marathon I didn’t experience any cramps, but I wasn’t sure if that was because we were forced to “rest” for more than half an hour cos of the bottleneck, or if that was because my body had gotten more used to the longer distance. So, in my mind, I set myself a new target time: 2:30hr, though I thought 2:40hr would be more realistic since my trainings were still quite inadequate.

In order to achieve this timing, I reckoned I would need to complete each 10km within 75 minutes. Shouldn’t be a problem for the first half of the distance, but to keep within pace for the second half? I wasn’t too sure…Just hoped I won’t get cramps….There were pacers for the various times but they were all positioned together at the front of the pack, unlike Shape Run’s pacers who were more evenly spread out according to their targeted times. I couldn’t see the time on the balloons these pacers were holding as they were standing too far ahead. I guess I had to try to catch up with them later….

The elites were flagged off first at around 5.30am, with the rest of us running across the starting line few minutes later so as to give the elites a good head start. Not too sure if the sky was cloudy or if it was just dark. But it felt cool enough for a good run! Alas, just about 1km into our run, I could feel a few small drops of water on my skin…”Oh no! Rain?!?”

Unfortunately, it started drizzling! This was the first time it rained on a race day for me! Was really worried that it would pour and we would have to be asked to stop….But luckily, it only lasted a short while and stopped slightly passed 2km…maybe we outran the rain? Hahah…. But it was getting more humid. Saw a pair of elite runners flew passed us mortal beings at the other side of the road!

Maybe it was the extra half piece of red bean bun that I took or the relatively cool weather that made me feel good and was able to keep within my projected pace. It drizzled and stopped at least three more times along the route. But no one was complaining! I think the rain really helped and it pushed us to keep going and finish the run in case the weather got worse. At 10km, I took a peek at my watch – 1:10hr. I was feeling good but didn’t want to go faster in case I were to suffer a cramp at a later part of the run. Slow and steady shall be the way to go!

Meanwhile, the first lady had emerged at the finishing line!

Miss Kim Hye Gyong from North Korea crossed the line with an 
amazing time of 1:15:59 hr! Where was Itchyfingers? Hahaha….

Tisu Boy said he thought his eyes were playing tricks! Why did that first
lady run pass him again? Simply because this was the twin sister! 😀
She came in second at 1:17:52 hr! They must be the ones I saw running…

Miss Yuko Watanabe came in very close at 1:18:29hr. Though the weather
was cooler in the early morning especially with the drizzle, it was still
much more humid than these elites’ hometown…so it must had also
affected their timing by a little….

The fourth lady, Miss Yukiko Okuno from Japan, with a 1:20:29hr time

Miss Ann Qi Hui, who originated from Inner Mongolia, was the first
Singaporean in the Elite Category

Doc Lim Bao Ying had done very well too!

Miss Neo Jie Shi came in first in the Closed Category for Singaporean
and Permanent Residents. She did us mortal beings proud by running
a better timing than some of those in the elite category!

It was the first time I ran past Marina Reservoir. Wished I had my camera but I had thought it would be so dark and decided not to bring it. Well, a blessing in disguise…cos if I had brought it I would be worried about it getting wet…The sky turned even gloomier. But luckily the organiser was so nice to plant official photographers at the Marina Barrage and we were all reminded to smile at the camera! Hahah…I love the cheery mood at the area! 😀

While running on the bridge across the Barrage, these two ladies
ran past me…The lady in pink was running with her friend who should be
visually disadvantaged. Must be tough running when it rained cos she
wouldn’t be able to avoid potholes and puddles of water well. I didn’t try to 
run faster to overtake them, cos I think their spirits had already won
many of us physically abled beings. This was taken near the finishing
line, some minutes ahead of me….

Pacers for the 2:10hr timing…

Surprisingly, I passed the 18km mark uneventfully…the dreaded calf cramps didn’t come back to haunt me! Three more kilometres to go! But it also started to drizzle again….

Pacers for 2:20 hr. Nice legs!

I only saw a lady with this pink tutu dress along the way…There
were a few of time actually, running in support of breast cancer patients

I couldn’t believe myself when I called Tisu Boy at the 20km mark…I was very close to achieve my timing if I pushed on!!!! Then…last 500 metres!!!!!

Tisu Girl running past the Floating platform…almost there!!!!

Wanted to do a final sprint across the line but we had to turn to the right and run onto the grass field. Would risk tripping over if I did that…But I guess a few split seconds wouldn’t make a difference….

Tisu Girl (in orange cap) crossing the line…When I saw the timing board,
I was initially quite disappointed although I was still faster than my more
realistic target time of 2:40hr…

My official photo from the organiser…

But I forgot that I crossed the starting line much later than official flagged-off time at 5:30am! A check on my watch…Oh my goodness!!!! Tisu Girl did it!!!! I had achieved my personal best timing of 2:29hr!!!! Last year I also got my best race timing for 10k at Great Eastern! Double happiness!

Aiya, my 2:30 hr pacers were nowhere to be seen even though they
 finished just slightly faster than me…

Cheers! We made it!

Must take photo!

There was a contest to spot the lady with this sponsored Tupperware
water bottle at the after-race carnival. But this lady actually ran with
that big one-litre bottle! Wonder if it was fully filled up before? Actually
I also saw a lady running with a half-filled 1.5 litre mineral water!

Great buddies running hands in hands!

Another pair of buddies! Think they were running under the Team

A very happy Tisu Girl. I remember first finishing the 21.1km run at
Sundown Marathon with moist eyes and cramped legs…but this time my
whole body was wet cos the rain got heavier! 😀 By the way, I actually
got abrasion near my collar bones from the necklace!

We were awarded a finisher tee too! Love the design and color! This
tee was worn with much pride cos I did my best and got my best timing!
It was a great race, with great weather, great volunteers support and no

The route was slightly different too! Looked really long here!

There were lots of activities and food for runners but as the rain was getting heavier, I was also getting a bit cold…Luckily I had my extra layer of finisher tee on…

But these ladies were still running in the rain…All the way!

Live Great!

Back of medal and tee

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