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This year’s all-women Shape Run was supposed to be held in July. It happened to coincide with the Jurong Lake Run so I had to choose between the two. Since I chose Shape Run, that means Tisu Boy will not be able to run at Jurong Lake too…hahah…Good also, cos save a bit of money.. :p

Finally the organisers came to their senses and decided to issue the
race pack before the run so we won’t have to queue for them under
the hot sun after running. T
he bag this year looked nice but the quality
is not good. Maybe they 
should give smaller bags with a better quality 
instead. How to carry 
big and heavy item in such thin quality bag? 

But forest fires in Indonesia in the middle of the year brought very bad haze to our island. So for the first time ever since Itchyfingers started taking part in races, Shape Run was postponed to a later date in October.

Actually under the terms and conditions of almost all runs, it is stated that
organisers reserved the rights to cancel the event if weather condition is bad.
So it is very nice for the Shape’s organiser to move it to another date,
the amount of logistics involved

But the haze happened to almost clear up by the original race day…too bad we missed the Jurong Lake Run!

So two weeks ago, Tisu Girl ran her fourth Shape Run. Wasn’t feeling very good cos we just heard of the Lion King’s passing.

This year’s route wasn’t too exciting, with a lot of u-turns…so we were looking at the same

This was the second year we had pacers for the run. This time they 
added about five lady pacers…

Flagged off! Elites zooming past! Somehow I felt there were lesser
runners, maybe some of them couldn’t make it after the change of
date? Also, among the elites, there were lesser familiar faces…

The work-in-progress Sports Hub in the early light….

Like last year, I decided to sandwich myself between the 1:00hr and 1:10 pacers. So far, my best timing during races was from last year’s Great Eastern Woman Run (which I didn’t write about!) – 1:05 hr. So to beat my own timing, I guess I would have to really put in extra effort!

The first lady in the pack…

Always wonder if the elites would stop for drinks…Here, some of the 
elite runners grabbed and had their drinks on the go

Cooling off! Personally I won’t do that cos my glasses will be wet
and fogged up! Hahah…Oh, gotta make sure you dun pour the wrong
cup with sugary 100 plus on your head! 😀

Dunnu how did they drink and still run so fast at the same time!


It’s a nice gesture to smile and thank the volunteers for providing
drinks along the way!

Many runners like to dispose their cups freely along the road, but I guess
if you are not an elite runner vying for the top podium spots, it wouldn’t
really harm to slow down or stop for a second or two to dispose your
cups into the bins! Running doesn’t give you the license to litter even
if cleaners were around to pick them up!

Don’t wanna stop? Then bring your own water! More environmentally
friendly too! 🙂

Didn’t see any ladies in fancy costumes…

One of the very rare few who bothered to “dress up”

But this lady’s pants and Vibram Fivefingers shoes reminded me of
that black Spiderman… :p

Ladies running with the 0:55 hr pacers! Bravo!

Always smile for the camera!

Double cheers!

Good job!

Very good cold drink! 😀

Oh I love this tee from Newton! Missed the registration for this run!

We are all survivors! 😀

Happy face!

Because of the many u-turns, this time Tisu Boy was able to catch me thrice along the road…this should be somewhere along the 8km point…

For the first time in history, Tisu Girl finally got her “float-in-the-air-
while-running” picture! Wahahahah!!!!!! Cos most of the time, my 
pictures just looked as if I was walking! Er, but I thought I was
supposed to be a mid-foot lander? Looked more like I was doing a
heel-strike on the right foot instead…

I was doing ok most of the time, keeping my own pace and staying ahead of the 1:10hr pacers. But somewhere after 6 or 7 km, the callus on the ball of my right sole started to hurt…had to try to adjust my landing so as not to aggravate it. This particular toughened skin has been bothering me every now and then, I remembered having that during the Army Half Marathon too. But maybe I was running at a much slower pace for the longer run, so it didn’t hurt as much…

isu Girl finally emerged around 500metres away from the finishing
line. The 1:00 hr pacers were long gone and the 1:10 pacers were no
where to be seen! They were still behind me, so I  knew I had made it
within 1:10hr…Yeah!!!!

Tisu Girl finished in 1:08hr. Not the most desirable timing, but certainly
not the worse…Weather was very hot even at 7 plus!!!!Must work
harder next time!

The front of the medal…Not so nice this year…Aiya! Jurong Lake
Run medal was nicer! Haha…

The back of the medal still beared the original date 🙂

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