Demise of The King – In Loving Memory of Putih (? – 2013)

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Cats are territorial and animals of habit. When they find a place they fancy, chances are they will claim it theirs and it will not be difficult to find them if you know where they usually hang out.

One of the Lion King, Putih’s favourite chairs at the void deck

With such an impressive size for a domestic cat, it would be impossible to
miss Putih when he perched himself on the dry riser, another of his
favourite hang out places. Water, and sometimes kitty food, were often left for
him here by the residents. Most residents that Itchyfingers happened
to bump into when we were playing with Putih told us that many people
like him and often gave him food

I’m a boy…” Putih flashing at Itchyfingers….*blush** How not to love this
handsome boy???

So when Itchyfingers found Putih missing for weeks, it really worried me a lot…As he is not staying at our block, usually we could only visit him during the weekends before having our lunch at the nearby hawker centre. Initially we thought he was just hiding under some cars, or maybe he had gone for a walkabout at the neighbour’s house, or maybe the people upstairs let him take shelter as it was always raining in the day recently.

But if he was really hiding under some cars, usually we would be able to locate him…afterall, he was a big kitty….

Ahhh….you see!

Sometimes Putih seemed to be surprised and not too pleased to be
caught in his private moments…

Sometimes, he would be found sleeping like a log…He might give us a glance
to check out the intruder but would return to Slumberland…

But sometimes, when you caught him in the right mood, the handsome
boy would come out from his warm hideout, greet us with a soft sweet meow.
Occasionally he would surprise us with a rub on the legs…Look at his size!

Putih sunbathing under the scorching noon sun while Tisu Girl perspired

Once or twice when he was in the mood, Putih would even roll around
like a little kitten….

Absolutely adorable!!!!

Weeks passed. It must have been at least three weeks since we last saw Putih. We went around calling him…In my desperation, I asked the residents about Putih, hoping that they would tell me that someone took him home, or he was not feeling well and was staying with the vet…

But what I heard was bad news. They said someone told them Putih had died. How and when it happened they were not sure, but it should be around three weeks ago since they last saw him. The timing coincided with ours…I was shocked and felt sad…and was in a state of self-denial…”BUT they said they heard it from someone! So there is a chance that the news was not reliable!”

It was after hearing the same thing from a fourth resident one more week later that I finally accepted the harsh truth. Putih is gone!!!! According to the aunties, someone, possibly the feeder, found Putih lying on the dry riser or on the ground. When he was brought to the vet, he was said to have a heart attack. They said he was too fat, cos many people fed him….

We do see the occasional food but I don’t think Putih is fat…I think he’s 
just a big kitty….

Poor Putih!!!! I didn’t know cats can get heart attacks too! As the aunties were not the ones around and they also heard from other residents, I couldn’t get anymore information. They said Putih was cremated. But that’s about all they know….I just hope that Putih didn’t suffer a lot when it happened…

I think the last time we saw Putih must have been around September, before we went for a short trip to Thailand. He was hiding under a car, we could see him but it was too dark to take a photo of him. We called him but he merely looked at us and continued to sleep.

The last time we saw Putih hiding under the car, Mr B was seen rubbing
nose on a lorry. We have never seen Mr B doing that before. The lorry was 
from a nursery that has the name “Prince”. Did Mr B have a premonition of 
the demise of the Lion King? So Mr B is now the Prince there….

Thinking back, actually all this may not happen without any warning….Recently, we had noticed Putih’s breath was rather heavy at times, but it was only for a short while, and he breathed normally after that. We thought it was like human, where we gave out a loud breath when we are not happy with things, a bit similar to sighing…So could Putih have suffered from short of breath, a symptom of heart problem then? I wish we were a bit more alert, maybe that could have saved Putih…. 😦

Such a handsome boy…where else can Itchyfingers find such a regal-looking
kitty? I still can’t believe Putih is gone…He looked so young….

Rest in peace, my little Lion King… 😦 You will be missed by Itchyfingers
and all your uncles and aunties at your block….

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  1. Rest in peace kitty.

  2. So sorry to read this. He was so adorable and beautiful…

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