The Art of Paper Folding

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I am sure everyone has done some sort of paper foldings especially when they were younger…remember those paper planes and boats? Some people are more advance and could do animals like frogs, cranes, etc.

Contrary to common belief, it seems that origami, or the art of paper-folding in Japanese language, did not originate from Japan. A check on several websites seem to refer to China as the place where paper foldings started, probably in the first century A.D. But it was in Japan that origami became popular and grew into a highly developed art form.

Itchyfingers were at the National Library for an origami exhibition that showcased designs from all over the world, including the latest models. It also featured a large collection of models by local designers. It was supposed to be one of the largest and best displays of origami in Singapore so far.

The first one that immediately caught my attention was none other than the master himself….

Yoda the Jedi Master! Am not a Star Wars fan but Master Yoda is my
favourite character! There are many sites that will show you how to fold
this cute little master, here’s one with video tutorial as well as pdf instructions.
Even with the tips, Itchyfingers will not try to attempt it as we think it is still
way too difficult and advance…Like the master said, “Try not. Do. Or do not.
There is no try.” Wahahah…

Alien. Did not manage to take the label with credits as the origami models were
arranged quite closely together

No Face, or Kanonashi, from the Academy Awards winner, Hayao Miyazaki’s
Spirited Away

This origami design came from a Japanese…

This was one of those designed by non-Japanese…not sure if he was a

Another design by non-Japanese….

Rhino! Quite nice huh…this one should belong to the African species…haha…

Another rhino…This one should be the Indian Rhino, with single horn? 
Wahaha….The horses behind looked nice too…Couldn’t get a better photo
of them cos of the glass display cabinet….


Wow it came complete with nostrils! 😀

Three little rabbits. No three little pigs?

Different dinos! Nice!

Last but not least, a turtle! Wow, reminded me that I have two small square
origami packs for folding turtles, which I had only made less than three 

There were lots more origami works on exhibit and worth a visit if you are interested in the art.  Origami: From Tradition to Modern is currently at the Toa Payoh Public Library till the 31 October, thereafter they will move on to Sengkang Public Library from 3 to 29 November. Go and have some fun! 😀


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