You’ve Got Mail…

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When was the last time you received a letter in the mailbox? Itchyfingers are not talking about credit cards and utilities bills, letters or notices from insurance companies, banks or the government. We are talking about handwritten letters sent out by friends. In this age of technological advancement where emails, SMS, WhatsApp are the norm for quick and easy communication, handwritten letters, or snail mails, are really a rarity and a hassle to some. I can’t remember when was the last time I received a letter or a greeting card. Of course, I, too, have not done that for donkey years. But whenever Itchyfingers are travelling overseas, we will try to write a postcard and send it to ourselves – since no one sends us so we just have to do it ourselves…hahah…Sometimes we will send to some friends too, to make them jealous of our travel adventures…wahahah…But seriously, I still think nothing beats the joy of receiving a physical card and the occasional nice stamps that come with the mail is a small bonus too…hahah…

This family in Malacca, Malaysia, obviously enjoys receiving snail mails. And boy, I think they really do get a lot of mails in the letterbox! 😀

Just look at the size of their letter box! And they have to paint the words on in
case the postman misses it! Wahahah….


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