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There’s a Chinese saying, “一山不能容二虎” – literally translated as “one mountain cannot contain two tigers”. This means that you can’t have two commanders or leaders in a troop or else conflicts will arise.

The same day Itchyfingers first encountered Putih, the Lion King, we actually spotted this other kitty. He was sleeping on the other chair further away from Putih….

Cute kitty sleeping…

We thought he was big….until we saw the bigger Lion King…Hahah…

See the dark gray patch on his body? Itchyfingers decided to name him “Mr. B”…
Wonder what the residents here feed the two boys…they are both big kitties…

Actually Mr B has two gray patches on each side of his body…both look like
the letter “B”

Normally we would see the two boys resting on different chairs or tables near each other. Sometimes they would be hiding under two separate cars next to each other…

When Putih sat on the dry riser outlet, Mr B would also be hanging around…

…grooming himself…and making faces…! Wahahahah….Brrrrrr….

Mr B would always be hanging around the block…So we thought they are
the best of friends…or rather, Mr B is the Lion King’s side kick…wahahahahah…. 😀

Mr B is the more active one…He would be doing the kitty roll while Putih
snoozed off on his various thrones…

Kitty Ballet! Swan Lake! Wahahah…..

But we only saw Mr B hiding from the sun under the stone bench…Sometimes
when we called him while he was snoozing, he would wake up and gave us
a look and a meow before continuing to sleep…

One recent night, Itchyfingers decided to visit the two boys at night….

And we found Mr B sticking so close to the wall in his dreamland…

Putih, the gorgeous, had his eyes wide opened cos of the low light…

We were playing with Putih for a while before his face lightened up when he heard someone coming. Apparently this man’s mother-in-law who stays on the second floor, feeds Putih regularly. And yes, she calls him Putih while the man calls him “Gigantos” for his size…No wonder Putih looked happy to see him…and then he did the cutest thing a kitty can do….

He followed the man to the lift lobby and looked at him while he pressed
the lift button!

Putih waiting patiently for the lift to come…

Then he entered the lift with the man! So cute!!!! I always suspected that
cats know how to take the lift cos once there was a kitty appearing at my
doorstep shortly after I took the lift up on the eighth floor…Wahahah….

We should have followed them into the lift and see Putih’s facial expression! Whahah….But we did see him following the man to the second floor unit from the ground floor….No wonder sometimes we couldn’t find him…Maybe he went upstairs for a snooze…? :p We were just wondering why Mr B didn’t follow them to the second floor…

Itchyfingers got our answer very soon. One late afternoon, we were molesting Putih while he was chilling on his dry riser outlet throne. Suddenly, the lazy boy seemed to sense something….

He jumped down walked towards the lift lobby

Then sat down and gazed at that direction…

We thought he had sensed the man or the Malay family coming out from 
the house on the second floor…

So he was eagerly waiting to be fed…yum yum….

But being hungry and impatient, he decided to go find them himself….?

I wanted to help him press the lift button and go up with him, but the
impatient boy didn’t wait for me…

He decided to scale up the second floor….

Paparazzi Itchyfingers followed….

Just when Putih made his way up the turn of the stairs, he suddenly made an unexpected dash up!

Ah-ha! So! Putih was obviously unhappy to see Mr B at his feeding site outside
the Malay family! There was another kitty but I think she belongs to another
family…She hissed at me when I approached her later…!

Look at his tail! All ruffled up! 

Mr B tried to take cover….But Putih pressed on! We were actually quite 
amused as Putih sounded like a baby in his anger… 😀

I tried to help Mr B by calling Putih softly…

Then, as if to complain to me about Mr B’s mischief, Putih walked towards 
me and gave me a head bump before settling down besides me, but continued
to stare at Mr B…

And Mr B seized the opportunity to flee for his life! But the Lion King was
not going to let him off that easily! He gave chase and cornered Mr B at the
stairway and started to give him a piece of his mind! Look at the size difference!

Mr B is not a small tom cat, but he is nothing compared to the almighty Lion King!
Putih looked even larger and intimidating with his fur raising up; his thick tail
swept from left to right as he yelled words and words of warning at Mr B!
“How dare you even think of invading into the King’s territory! How many
times have I warn you not to go up there?!”

Mr B was totally shaken! He didn’t dare to utter a single meow! Itchyfingers
were hiding at a corner witnessing all this, and we couldn’t help giggling!
After a while, as if feeling self-conscious when he discovered someone were 
looking at him, Putih started to calm down a little and sat down….

It took Mr B a while to slowly back off away from Putih…Not wanting to block
his escape route, we walked down gingerly…Here, Mr B was figuring 
whether to run upstairs or downstairs….I think eventually he realised he
would agonise Putih further if he were to go back to his feeding spot, so he
plunged up his courage to run past Putih and down the stairs!

Finally to safety! Poor Mr B! See how submissive he looked! I don’t think
he would ever dare to do that again! His heart must be still pounding very fast!

Mr B checking to see if Putih was chasing…The Lion King merely turned
over to take a glance, satisfied with the outcome….Gotta pat the poor Mr B
to calm him down!

Seeing that the storm was over, with Mr B retreating to another corner, we went for our dinner. No wonder Tisu Boy’s friend, who used to stay here and knew both kitties, said they are arch enemies! And we thought they were best of friends to stay so close! Hahahah! Seemed like Mr B is indeed the side kick! 😀

After our dinner, we went back to check at the boys….

…only to find Mr Putih lying flat on the stone table, completely spent after
a hard day’s of chasing and puffing….Not easy to be a king! Wahahahah!!!!

See the funny video of Putih scolding and puffing at Mr B!

Putih sounded like a baby…Maybe those reports from army boys hearing babies at night were actually cries from cats?!? See he looked at us from the corner of his eyes before turning over, feeling self-conscious! Hilarious!

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