The King and I

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Ever since Itchyfingers got acquainted with the Lion King, Putih, we would drop by frequently during the weekends to visit him before going for lunch at the nearby market.

The King and I…Didn’t really dare to go too near to the King the first time
we met cos of his built…hahah….

But soon we realised Putih is really a very gentle giant….just like any
kitty… 😀

Most of the time you would see His “Meowjesty” chilling out on his various “thrones”….

The Lion King occupying the whole stone table….so cool….both the kitty and
the table…wahahah….

The King must look his best all the time! Groom, groom, groom….

Itchyfingers have been saying Putih is a big kitty…I think he’s the biggest community cat we have ever seen…But I don’t think it’s because he’s fat. He’s just big and muscular…hahah… 😀

Just how big is Putih the Lion King?

See how big Putih is compared to the length of Tisu Girl’s arm…From the
tip of the middle finger to the elbow is about 40cm, plus another palm size…
I should think Putih is at least close to 54cm long from head to his butt, 
excluding his tail…Will try to remember to bring a measuring tape next time…

Sometimes, we would catch the King snoozing on this “throne”….

Sweet kitty! Just like a baby!

Must take a photo of the King and I!

Getting bolder and molested His “Meowjesty’s” head….Most of the time he
would just continue to sleep and ignore us. Occasionally he would shift
to a more comfortable position and continue snoozing….

Sometimes he would let out a silent roar…wahahah…. 😀 Caught ya!

Once we saw His “Meowjesty” hiding under his throne…peeping at his humble subjects…

It’s not easy to have to look at everybody from the top all the time…so it’s good
to have a change of perspective for a different outlook of life…hahah…

But life up there seemed more interesting….Back at his throne… :p So handsome…

Another time, we found His “Meowjesty” hiding from the paparazzi under a car…

Putih was a bit surprised that we found him…It was so funny when he tried
to look up at us but found his view blocked by the bottom of the car bumper…

Tisu Girl walking her kitty…wahahah! Was actually stalking Putih so that
we could take a closer look..

boy confirm that Putih is a boy! 😀 Wahahaha!!!! Like all community cats in
Singapore that have been neutered, Putih had his
left ear tip clipped...Too
bad our little Lion King 
has also been neutered so he won’t have any handsome

Putih sulking cos he won’t have the chance to meet beautiful kitties like our
Fat Lady Dusty…Itchyfingers cannot imagine what kind of cute kittens they
would otherwise have produced! 

Such handsome face…

Another rare occasion when the handsome boy was relatively active, we caught him strolling and surveying his territory…

Tisu Girl molesting Putih’s tail…

In an unexpected move, the Lion King rolled on the ground like a playful kitty!

Licking his furry armpit….wahahaha….

Then he walked towards this dry riser inlet…

And once again impressed us with his agility by jumping up in one swift move!

Taking a rest after doing such strenuous exercise…. :p

Such a darling…So tame…Was he ever someone’s house cat before? 

Tired….need to sleep….It’s time for some beauty sleep….

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