The Lion King

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First impression counts. And what an impression that was! I think the first time Itchyfingers saw him/her, we couldn’t control ourselves and let out a loud “wow”….From far we could see him/her…Snoozing on a stone table at the void deck, his/her massive body occupied such a big space…What an majestic giant…so beautiful as well!

This kitty looked big even when the limbs were all tucked underneath the body…
and what an unusual coat of beige fur… 😀

We couldn’t contain our excitement and Kitty soon sensed that he/she has been
stared at, and woke up…then YAWN!!!!!

Then…S.T.R.E.T.C.HHHHH!!!!!! Wow!!!! Looked so much bigger!

After all the frenzy created…

Kitty went back to slumberland…Now we could see that there were actually some
faint stripes on the hind legs…

Then, to our utmost delight, Kitty decided to wake up and check us out….

Oh my goodness!!!!! Look at Kitty’s face!!!! I think he should be a boy! So elegant…
and he just seemed to exude a certain air of assertiveness and royalty…And don’t 
you think he looked like a young little lion with those thick fur around the neck,
like a lion’s mane??? Looked like Lion King! 😀 I love it when kitties fold their
forelimbs like this! So CUTE!!!!

Tisu Boy got bolder and decided to give Lion King a little pet on his head…
Ooops…His Majesty, or, His “Meowjesty” didn’t look very happy….This is

A little chin rub for His “Meowjesty”…Er, but the King didn’t look too amused…
He must be thinking, “How dare you be so disrespectful to the King!”

While Itchyfingers were happily molesting Lion King, an aunty who stayed at the block walked over and told us he is called “Putih”, which means “white” in Malay. Er, but Lion King is not pure white leh…He just appeared to be paler in colour depending on the lighting…She said her daughter also likes him very much and had taken many photos of him. Ahhh…no wonder he looked so at ease when people took his photos…totally bo chup (Hokien for ‘not bothered’)

It was lunch time and Itchyfingers were starving…So we decided to go for lunch first and come back later to play with Putih… I guess we shall stick with the name given by the folks here, since he should be more used to it, and after a while, “Putih” kind of stuck with us and it also sounded quite cute…When we left, there were a family of Caucasians equally amazed by Putih’s size and were also taking photos…Putih was totally unaffected by the noise and attention around him and continued to sleep… 😀

After lunch, we were so disappointed to find Putih not on the table! Did the family “catnap” him? Took a while for Tisu Boy to spot him hiding under a car, continuing his afternoon nap…zzzzz

As Itchyfingers only had my compact camera, Tisu Boy decided to rush back home to get his SLR camera, cos Putih was simply too gorgeous not to be captured on proper camera!

I stayed back to keep an eye on Putih in case he decided to move to other places. Then the sky turned dark very quickly and soon it started raining… :p Strangely Putih was still unmoved..I guess the lazy boy must be thinking a little rain won’t hurt and continued to sleep…But soon it started pouring like cats and dogs! Then, in a flash, I saw something white dashing out from the car! It was Putih!

He was only slightly wet. He shook away the water from his body and then in another surprising move, Putih leaped up onto a circular hole on the wall next to the lift lobby! What an agile boy considering his weight! 😀

Every cat has a silver lining! 😀

Chill out…

He looked even cuter with the dilating pupils… 😀 Eyes wide open! 😀

“How dare you use the word ‘cute’ on me!” Ooops…we should use “regal”,
“poise” and “elegant”… 😀 Such a proud-looking little Lion King!

Then he jumped down and went back to his throne…

Gave us a good stare…

Started grooming…

Putih the Lion King, looking like any sweet little kitty, grooming himself…
Very handsome liao lah! 😀

After a short grooming session, Putih jumped back here…Wow…playing
hard to get huh? Hahah…

A most mesmerizing stare from such a stunner!

But soon he got bored and sleepy looking at two uninteresting humans…
Wahahah…Itchyfingers won the staring game! 😀

Hear the lion roars! This will show you who’s the boss here! 😀

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