Lost and Found…

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Tonight Itchyfingers were so so so happy!!!! If you have ever lost something and thought that you would never see it ever in your life, and then out of a sudden, you found it again, then you would understand how we are feeling now….

Our dear Fat Lady, the car park warden, Dusty, had gone missing for more than a month. Itchyfingers had been looking out for her for a long time, until we finally resigned to the fact that we have lost her forever. We would like to think that someone has “catnapped” her since she is such a cute and sweet kitty. The person may have brought her home seeing that she had some unrecovered wound on her hind leg. It is a much better thought than to imagine something bad had happened to her. But to think that we are never to see her again was really, really sad. (Didn’t have the chance to write about her injury as Dusty had gone missing shortly. Didn’t write about it after that cos looking at the photos made me sad. Will update it later)

Just earlier tonight, I was on my way back home after buying some milk and boxes of tissues. I have to pass through the car park to get to my lift lobby. Though I knew that Dusty is not there at the car park anymore, my eyes would still habitually scan under the cars for her. Strangely for some reason, at the back of my mind I was thinking if I see her now, I would not bother whether the milk would turn bad and would play with her…I found myself calling her name involuntarily, something which I used to do when she was there, only this time round I called just once and very softly.

Then, the most wonderful thing appeared in front of my eyes…As I walked towards the middle row of the car park, I saw her!!!!!! Dusty was lying right there!!!!!! Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Just where did you go, my sweet girl!!!! Was I dreaming? She couldn’t be another Dusty-look-a-like cos she obviously recognised me!

I was so excited I bet if there were anyone around, they would think I was nuts to talk a whole bunch of stuff to a cat! I kept asking her where did she go to, why is she back? What happened? I wish she could tell me…I pet her little head while trying to get in touch with Tisu Boy…

After we “talked” a while, I told her to wait for me while I rushed back to keep the milk and bring her favourite food…I thought she has lost some weight, but it could be my imagination cos her tummy is still sagging… :p

Took this while I was in the lift…why was the lift so slow?!? This last can
of chicken had been sitting in the cupboard waiting for the miraculous
return of Dusty…

Dusty after finishing her chicken meal…She looked tired…

We found some kitty biscuits and water next to her usual feeding place. Could it be her feeder that brought her home to recuperate? Then why did she bring her back? Did Dusty refuse to stay at her place? Did she try to run away? I wish I know how she is feeling and thinking, cos really have the urge to bring her home. But we left her where she is now, and we will decide later what is the best thing to do. For now, we were just so happy to see her safe and healthy!

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