In Loving Memory of Sneaky

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Was looking around calling out, when a cat feeder that I have never met broke the bad news to me: Sneaky is dead…! And then an even more tragic news – Sneaky was attacked by three black stray dogs and they punctured her kidney….!

I have been hearing news from other cat feeders at my car park that there are stray dogs mauling cats at night. No one knows where did they come from. One even suspects that somebody deliberately let off these dogs to attack the community cats. But whether they have actually seen the dogs or not I am not so sure. So when this lady told me about the dogs, I tried to find out more from her. She said she used to feed around the other area, and only took over when another old lady who did feeding in the morning passed away recently. According to her it was about a month ago that it happened. She said she saw it but didn’t say if Sneaky died on the spot or did she succumb to the injury later.  She seemed unwilling to tell more and was busy feeding another two cats…That was roughly the same time I last saw Sneaky…No wonder I couldn’t find her for so long. Since moving to a new place, I only managed to visit Sneaky a few times, and recently the shrubs that she liked to hide were trimmed so much that sometimes she went off somewhere else to hide, only to be found on my next visit. So it was really sad and shocking to learn that she has passed away in such a pitiful way… 😦 The lady said Sneaky was buried as burning will hinder her from reincarnating…But when I asked her where was Sneaky being buried she said she doesn’t know…

Itchyfingers first knew Sneaky when we were playing around with Puss, our dear kitty friend who has passed away last year. Sneaky would suddenly sneak out from amongst the shrubs and looked at us, giving us the occasional meows.

Sneaky outside her favourite hiding place…She has this nice “gunpowder
grey” according to Tisu Boy. She was a curious and friendly kitty – she liked
to sneak out from the shrubs when we were patting Puss and looked on as if
she felt envious of the attention she gave Puss

But we did not give her any cold shoulders. We played and patted Sneaky, a name I gave for her sneaky nature.

Sneaky liked to rub people’s leg and obviously yearned for love and attention.
But when you touched her head, she would immediately turn over to look
at your hand and give you a startled look like this…

As we become friends, Sneaky would respond to my call for her, and most of the time when you were looking at one direction, she would quietly sneak out from the shrub and meow at you. Very sweet girl….

My heart really hurt when I heard that Sneaky had died so painfully…It
must had been a gruesome sight… 😦 How can a small cat defend herself
against three big ferocious dogs? I really don’t know what can be done.
The lady said about 10 cats have been killed this way. Should someone who
sees the dogs alert the relevant authorities before more lives are taken?
Of course I do not wish to see the stray dogs being culled, but maybe they
can be captured and rehabilitated until they are deemed fit for adoption?

Tisu Boy with Sneaky in happier times together. I realised I do not have a 
photo with her. The last time Tisu Boy tried to take photos of her about a
and a half month ago,  Sneaky was totally freaked out by his camera! I really 
wonder why, cos we had taken photos of her a number of times before and 
she was perfectly ok with it…

Now Sneaky is finally reunited with Puss in Kitty Heaven. Rest in peace 
Sneaky and Puss. Thank you for the wonderful memories both of you gave us…
Both of you will be dearly missed by Itchyfingers, as well as your many
feeder uncles and aunties….

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  1. So sorry to read this. Take care…

    • Hi Herman,
      Sneaky has the same ashy gray coat as Bowie…They are both beautiful…

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