Fantasy Park – Barcelona, Spain Trip #13

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The walk after Itchyfingers stepped out of the Metro was quite a long one. Luckily there were signs pointing to the general direction and with a destination that popular among visitors, actually all we had to do was to follow the rest. Had to walk up a slope to reach Park Güell, originally started out as a housing development project by Count Eusebi Guell, and designed by Antoni Gaudi. Eventually only two houses were built, and neither were designed by Gaudi.

It was a very sunny morning although the temperature was still cool…This
was at the entrance

There were already so many people!

Entrance to Park Güell is free but to visit Gaudi House Museum (Casa Museu Gaudí) within the park, you have to pay an entrance fee. There is a special rate for entry to both the museum and Sagrada Familia.

Just outside the entrance was this guy dressed in mosaic gecko suit offering
to be photographed with visitors for a fee

We could see the famous gecko or dragon creature but there were so many
people there, so we decided to check out the other side of the park first

These were “colonnaded footpath under the roadway viaduct, with external
columns sloping to take the diagonal thrust from the vault supporting the road”

Lovely sign done in mosaic

Park Güell

A large part of the original development were not done, and as we walked around these areas, we spotted some parrots that Itchyfingers did not recognise…

This is the Monk Parakeet, or the Quaker Parrot, (Myiopsitta monachus),
one of the several non-native species of parrot found in the Barcelona area.
Looked like it was perching on some olive plant…?

Cute flowers that we don’t recognise…

One of the houses at Park Guell – Casa Martí Trias i Domènech, occupied
by lawyer Martí Trias i Domènech

We soon reached the main terrace, one of the focal point of the park, which is surrounded by a long bench in the form of a sea serpent. One of the most photographed spots at Park Güell must be this unique bench! Depending on the angle you shoot, you could get this curvy body of the slithering snake very beautifully! But when we were there, almost the whole bench was seated with people and the lighting wasn’t very flattening cos of the harsh glare from the morning sun.

Managed to snap some photos of Tisu Girl sitting on the curvy seat when 
we spotted some people giving up their space…

View from the serpent seat. These buildings at the entrance look like something 
from fairy tales…hahah

Very cute! 

We could see Sagrada Familia from here too! It seems to be following
everywhere we went! Haha…

Took some closeup of the mosaic tiles on the seats…

Quite nice huh…Dunu how they decide which broken piece to use to fill
up the space…

This one may be simpler…smash the original design and then stick them
together? 😀 Can’t help but associate it with the monogram of a particular
branded bag…hahah

At the main terrace, there was a bazaar. I thought the displaying of these
ear rings on an umbrella was quite interesting…

Moving on, we saw pillars shaped like maidens holding pots on their head…

Doric columns support the roof of the lower court which forms the central
terrace, with serpentine seating round its edge

Walk in and look up, and you will find these beautiful tiles on the ceiling…

Shadow of some metal grill….

And then Itchyfingers finally saw the famous dragon/gecko statue! But it was still so crowded with people!

It was constantly surrounded by visitors wanting to take a photo with it. 
Had to wait some time to get a closer picture with it…

dragon gecko
Luckily we had a longer lens so managed to take a cleaner photo of it 
without any human being around….Hahah…he’s drooling… 😀

We thought there were many more such fantastical mosaic creatures around the park since there are so many replicas of this one and others in the souvenir shops…But we didn’t find
any others…Quite disappointed…

We only found this other one. Not as nice as the dragon/gecko one though. 
Were those other mosaic figurines in the shops merely designs inspired by
the gecko?

But again, there were many of these pretty broken tiles!

I wish I could have these in my house! Er, but would prefer them to be unbroken

Interesting grill on the window of the shop. It was neat with lots of
merchandise but too small and crowded!

I like this photo of the shop with the sun behind. Should have tried to take
it so that the sun was just above the cross to create a halo effect... :p

 has the words Park Güell on it…

The top. The mosaics were just so lovely!

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