Doomsday – Death of A Collective Memory….

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It’s past midnight here which officially brings us to the so-called Doomsday on 21 Dec 2012. While waiting for something bad to happen, Itchyfingers has some really sad news to share.

Despite our effort to try to save the critically endangered species, the last Pelican, in Singapore, we were shocked to find out that the authority has finally laid their merciless hands on it. Now the last Pelican mosaic playground that was once upon a time playmate to many children of yesteryear is officially a thing of the past. What’s left now is just a flat green patch of grass…When we reached the spot, we were really devastated to see that nothing is left now. Immediately a melancholic tune came to our mind…We had wanted to go down the car to check if there is any reminding pieces – maybe some broken mosaic tiles, that we can keep as a souvenir. But alas, even Heaven forbids us to do so…It started to pour really heavily just after I snapped this photo…

We were still in denial and tried to bluff ourselves that we went to the wrong
place. But comparing this photo with the last one we took, coincidentally
also on a rainy day, showed these same trees…The arrow shows where the
Pelican was standing…

A last picture we took of the Pelican in its dilapidated state. Why is it so
difficult to preserve this last Pelican? Must all old things go for the sake
of development in Singapore? It is no wonder we are polled as the
most unhappy people…

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