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If you are staying in the west side of Singapore or have taken the train that passes by Commonwealth Station, you should have noticed the patch of cemetery very near the main road, next to the HDB flats at Holland Close. They looked like Chinese cemetery, but I thought the tombstones were much simpler. I was always curious but never find out more until one fine day when Itchyfingers decided to check it out. Since we are still in the Lunar Seventh Ghost Month, we shall unveil the mystery for those who are curious like me but never tried to find out more…

Rows of neatly and closely arranged tombs against the backdrop of HDB
flats and the
 buildings at Biopolis

Housings for the living and the dead…These are so near to the flats that
I always wonder if it may have any effects on the resale price of these
flats? And why aren’t there any urban tales on the supernatural??

A closer look showed that these tombs were all dated in 1969…They also 
looked like some mass graves similar to the ones we visited at Kranji War
Memorial some time back…The chinese words on the tomb said something
loosely translated as “relocated burial”…

A search online said that this is the Shuang Long Shan Wu Shu Ancestral Hall and this piece of land belonged to the Hakka clan, Ying Fo Fui Kuan (应和会馆) which was established in 1822. Back then, it was used as a burial ground for fellow Hakka kinsmen from Jia Ying prefecture in Canton, China. It was originally much bigger but in 1968, the plot of land was bought back by the government for public housing. The relocated graves and the original ancestral hall now reside on a much smaller plot…

The words said Jia Ying prefecture

So folks staying in those blocks, now you know you are actually staying in
a former cemetery…scared or not? :p

Underneath these graves should be the cremated ashes of the deceased.

Among the sea of tombs, we found one with a photo of the deceased…

At the front was this row of much bigger tombs. These should be from those
more well-to-do families although they were considered simple compared
to those more elaborate ones in other Chinese cemeteries

The tiles used were more colourful than those rows at the back…But
strangely all these had no photos too…

Floral design

This was for the Earth God. This seemed to be for all the tombs here…

But this one had its own little area for offerings to the Earth God…

There was a sign that said only clan members and family members of those buried here are allowed to burn incense and paper money. Seemed like a strange rule to me cos, I don’t think that many people will offer these to the dead if they are unrelated right? Well, unless you are punters trying to get lucky numbers from those who you burnt paper money to…? Haha…

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