In Loving Memory of Puss (2000 – 2012)

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Do you believe that the dead will come back in your dream to pass you a message?

In this case, the dead is not human….Remember Itchyfingers‘ earlier post, Puss in Boots?

It was more than three days since I received news of my favourite community cat, Puss’s passing. But I still found myself walking over to her usual hang out place and calling out for her whenever I passed by her block, as if hoping for time to travel back so I could at least see her for one last time…. 😦

One of my earliest photos of Puss in the day. I have seen her a few times 
but our meetings were irregular in the early days as I hadn’t found out her 
regular hang out place and time…

I can’t remember the exact date of my last encounter with Puss…it must have been at least a month ago…and I couldn’t remember how long did I stay with her…I just remember the last few times I saw her, she was kinda moody and other than the occasional glimpses and meows she gave me, most of the time she just laid there quietly. I thought it was the usual cat behaviour – you know, the aloof and “bochup” (couldn’t be bothered or care less) attitude, a trait she sometimes will exhibit even though she had such a sweet nature.

I happened to be working from home most of the time for a period in August, and did not pass by her block. Not long after that, I soon found her missing. I thought maybe she had gone hiding after feeding…but the time of her absence got longer. How could I have missed her again and again despite dropping by around the same time? Could someone have “catnapped” her to their homes or to other blocks? After all, there were many times thoughts of “catnapping” her to my new block came to my mind cos I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her after I move house.

As the days gone by, I got more and more anxious that I couldn’t find Puss. Inside my heart, I was really hoping that she had been brought home by the Indian lady who feeds her and the other cats nightly. We did see the lady once or twice when we drove past but being shy Itchyfingers, we didn’t stop by to see if Puss was with her or ask if she had been “catnapped”. I was just hoping to get lucky the next evening and find Puss around again….

Then the night came. Puss came to my dream…I could be thinking too much about her that I dreamt of her. But whatever it is, Puss was in my dream. I was standing at her usual hang out place calling for her and there she was, walking towards me on my left, giving me two sweet soft meows….

And that was it…!!! That was all I could remember from my dream!!!! I am not sure if I pat her sweet face, or how long did we stay together….All that I remembered was she walked gracefully towards me, greeting me with her sweet calls….

I was really bothered by the dream. I had not seen Puss for such a long time…Just where is she?!?!

I love it when she tucked in her front legs…

Sticking out her pink little tongue…looked so mischievous…!

Puss hiding underneath the bench….She’s so pretty and photogenic yet
so camera-shy!!

Last Saturday, I was rushing out to meet a supplier and as usual, when I passed by Puss’s block, I gave a quick glance to check if she’s around, which most probably she wouldn’t be at that time. Then I saw the Indian lady walking out from the other side, about to cross the road. This time, I couldn’t wait anymore, and hastened up my pace and called out to her, asking her if she had seen Puss.

It was then I heard of the bad news. Puss had left us…It was at least three weeks ago…. 😦

According to the lady, Puss seemed to be getting a bit thin and weak. Then one rainy day, she found her laid on the ground, shivering. Sensing something was not right, she called her friend and after they put her in the cage ready to be sent to the vet, they found her motionless. Puss had swallowed her last breadth and left this world!! The lady said maybe it was old age – it was about 12 years since she started feeding her, or it could be some kidney problems, which we wouldn’t know. At this point I was tearing…I couldn’t believe Puss had left just like that, and without letting me see her one last time…She certainly didn’t look like an old cat…She may have hung on until she saw the people who loved her…A consolation is that at least she did not die alone, and had these people with her. They called for someone to send Puss for cremation…and had her ashes scattered in the sea…. 😦

The next day, I met another lady who also knew Puss. She too was shocked that Puss died so suddenly and didn’t get to see her one last time. But three days before Puss left, she found her and Puss gave her a loud meow…The lady thought Puss was getting better and thus called out to let her know…Now thinking back, she said maybe it was Puss’s way of saying goodbye…She was such a lucky lady, I wished I had the good fortune to see my little Puss before she left! I was upset that the caretakers didn’t bring her to see the vet earlier when they discovered she was not eating well and getting quiet…She was surprised when I told her of my dream and said maybe now being the Lunar Ghost Month, it could be Puss’s way of telling me to come meet her and the Indian lady so that I would know of her passing…Whether you believe in it or not, I want to believe Puss came to my dream to bid me goodbye…

Tisu Girl and little Puss in happier times together….Will you forgive your
sister for not being around when you were sick? I miss her so much…
I wish I can dream of her again… 😦

Rest in peace, my sweet girl. May you find more love and happiness in kitty heaven. You will be deeply missed and remembered by those who loved you. Please come to my dream again, will you?

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  1. so touching. I hope you will continue to care for the lovely community cats near u. Every cat deserve a human to love and care 😥


    • yes jenn, everyone of them is a darling!

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