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Last night, Itchyfingers went to the annual Night Festival in the heart of the Bras Basah arts and heritage precinct. We visited the National Museum first to see the light installation. But gotta say we were quite unimpressed cos it seemed like the building facade was merely used as a huge canvas for the projection of mainly local images. The images seemed to have nothing to do with the design of the building unlike the one at the Art Museum titled, Lyrical Perspective at last year’s Night Festival, with powerful music and strong graphics that complemented the building facade very successfully. So we din take any photos of it.

We didn’t spend that much time at the National Museum – I think the ongoing special exhibitions still requires admission fee…not too sure about it, may go back again to check it out. Instead, we went over to the Singapore Art Museum to look at the other light installation on the facade. This one titled Mimoïd, looked better and more interesting, but still, in our humble opinion, couldn’t beat last year’s Lyrical Perspective. Maybe the idea of image projection on facade is not new now and with the bar being raised too high last year, we were expecting something more…

Colourful images that looked like forest….

We decided to head over to the 8Q Museum as it was a long time since we last visited it…and we were glad we did!

8Q being guarded by watchful eyes! So eye-popping! Hahaha…What’s
that blue thing on the ground floor?

The glass window has been transformed into a virtual fish tank with gigantic
goldfish! It attracted so many curious and fascinated visitors that it was
tough to get a better angle…hahah…Maybe they can try to use marine fish
that are larger in size so it looked even more like an underwater world?

But whatever it is, visitors young and old sure love it!

I also like these eyeballs…hahah….30 pairs of them!

8Q is a museum that showcases contemporary and experimental art form, but sometimes, they can be quite abstract that visitors were left to wonder what the h*ll the artists were trying to express. But this time, Itchyfingers really enjoyed the visit, cos a couple of works were quite innovative!

Eye-catching bold graphics on the walls of the staircase…

So funny to have the private area drawn at that part of the staircase railing…
ouch! hahah…

There were some repeat exhibits including the Reactive Wall, where you activate the animation through sound made via the loudspeaker.

Remember this squid? It was at last year’s iLight

There was a room full of tiles…

Clay with textures created by the imprints of ordinary objects….There were
a whole range of these…Vistiors can also make their own at the gallery

Walls were adorned with these little clay tiles…These reminded me of my
foundation classes in art school experimenting with different materials…
Fun days!

These butterflies reminded me of those animal-shaped biscuits!

There was a room full of corrugated boxes…

I am just a box…

Inspirational lines and interesting graphics were stamped on the boxes…

You are welcomed to make your own boxes too….

There was a room full of children’s drawing…

An activity room where kids and kids-at-heart can do some colouring…

There was a room full of flowers…

Wow! Grow a garden in the dark!

These are actually flowers and leaves made from folding coloured papers 
and illuminated by ultra-violet lights

All these exhibits made use of simple things from daily life to create something interesting!

Then there was this room that was Itchyfingers‘ favourite! Raise your hand if you have not played this paper game as a kid!

A dressing room!!!! Huge and colourful clothing were available for you to
mix and match on the models! Even the faces were interchangeable!

But itchyfingers decided to be the models ourselves!

Tisu Boy with a girl’s face!

Tisu Girl tried on different faces but this suited her best! Love this outfit too!

It had cute animal prints…Turtle!

When we just entered the room, we started our crazy act of putting on different faces to take pictures. Not sure if others copied us or they also had the same idea, cos soon we realised everyone was doing the same thing! So funny!

This was fun!

Itchyfingers have not visited all the performances at the Night Festival even though the night was still young. But it was a humid night especially with working clothes on. Will find time to visit them tonight or the following week. The Night Festival is ongoing tonight 25 August, and next week 31 August and 1 September from 7 pm to 2am. Don’t miss it and visit the museums if you have not done so for a while too! 😀

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