My Heart Will Go On – Figueres, Barcelona, Spain Trip #11

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Itchyfingers continued our surrealistic voyage into the world of Salvador Dali’s creative mind. We exited the Dali Theatre and Museum and walked to the other red building annexed to the museum, which we had initially thought to be another museum. This is the Dali-Joies – a permanent exhibition of Dali’s jewellery collection.

This was what I saw on guidebooks, so initially we thought this should be
the museum to look for…It’s actually quite an interesting building, with
gigantic eggs and golden mannequins adorning the roof….Couldn’t find
the rationale online behind these

These are actually “golden bread loaves” that stud the outside walls…Er,
but, dun you think they look more like sh*t? Wahahahah…. 😀

The entrance at the other side. This exhibition is independent from that of
the museum, and hence can be visited separately. But itchyfingers strongly
recommend visiting both! 

Once we entered via the turnstile, our world turned into pitch darkness! It was so dimly lit that we needed some time for our eyes to adjust to the low light….

Wow! So dark inside! Now, even itchyfingers may have difficulties taking
decent pictures….

We soon realised that it was not so much of the low night which posed a problem for photography, but rather the reflection from the glass display windows…

A jewelled cross…

There were a couple of these crosses by Dali

It was nice to see most of the creations being accompanied by their respective drawings…

The melting clock!

The melting clock! Looked exactly like the drawing!

More drawings…Dun think we saw the lobster and unicorn ones….

The finished hand that looked like a leaf…Many of these jewelled pieces
were not wearable but rather for display….

Another one….Green fingers? 😀

A flower with hands as petals…

The conceptual sketch

A maize…

I’m amazed at how closely they had followed the sketch to create the 
finished piece!

A pretty piece with butterflies among the foliage…

There was a second storey in the museum. I dunu whose idea was this…but it does look a bit creepy…

With Dali staring at you from the top of the staircase! Actually only half of
Dali’s face was printed on the wall. The other half was the reflection from the 
mirror. But imagine being stared by a wide-eyed, symmetrical face while you walked
up the darkly lit stairs! This is what I called “starecase”!!!! Hahaha…

We din see the lobster but we saw this mermaid pendant…


Wow, this reminded me of the sirens in Ice Age 4…hahah…

This is so interesting….Can you see the face at the bottom? The leaves
formed into the hair too! So eye-catching! Haha…

Another avant-garde piece…I think this should be the back of Gala’s head…

Another pendant. So loud…!

Even the drawing were so bold with thick black outlines…

Another recognisable icon in Dali’s work – the elephant…

Most of the jewelry collection, though luxurious with exquisite workmanship, were either not wearable or too elaborate or too bizarre…hahah. Itchyfingers found this piece particularly cute and one of the most wearable of all…

A gold corset ring with small pearls…So cute! I think this will look good
as a statement ring even today!

The finished piece looked cuter than the sketch…didn’t see this neck-tie
ring also…All these designs were so classic!

This is also cute. Din see the actual thing also…

Remember Itchyfingers mentioned about the eyes on a peacock drawing 
on the previous post? The eye pattern looked like this eye jewellery
on top here. Our photo of the actual piece didn’t turn up. 😦 The bottom
sketch showed the necklace with face. Besides crosses and hands, Dali also
did a couple of heart-shaped
 jewels which were all so gorgeous….yet…creepy
at the same time…!

This heart looked like it was bleeding blood!

This one looked pretty but it also looked like a broken heart…

But none of these could beat this one…in terms of shock factor….

This is called the Royal Heart. From the sketch, it looked like a strawberry 
encased within a gold heart….what’s that heart-shaped casing thingy?

The actual piece. Wanna be the centre of attention at a ball? Wear this and
you would definitely be the talk of the town! Just dun wear it during the Ghost
Month or Halloween! Hahha…
When looked from far, this really looked intricate 

and gorgeous. The ‘strawberry’ now looked more like an actual heart here…
But when you looked up close, oh my goodness….!!!!!! 

Just look at the videos…. :O


The red jewelled heart actually pumped like a real human heart!!!! My goodness!!! How ingenious! I think only an imaginative and eccentric genius like Dali could have thought of such a crazy idea! And this was 1953!!! The Royal Heart is made of gold and encrusted with 46 rubies, 42 diamonds and four emeralds. Within the heart actually lied a motorised mechanism (the casing on the sketch) that allowed the heart to pump non-stop. Itchyfingers were so intrigued that we found ourselves glued in front of the glass display, totally mesmerised…Time seemed to have stopped, but the heart will certainly go on….

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