Pink Ladies – Shape Run 2012

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One week after the Jurong Lake Run, Itchyfingers was back for another race. It was my third Shape Run. How time flies!

We were very early when we reached the starting point at Nicolle Highway.
I proceeded to do my warming up while Tisu Boy went off to secure himself
a good photo spot…

As the route was quite similar with that of last year, I decided not to bring 
along my camera…

The run started promptly after a warm-up session by fitness instructors…

The elite runners taking the lead! So many familiar faces!

Sea of pink! I like this year’s running tee!

What’s the orange balloons about?

They were for the pacers! This year, the organiser decided to recruit male
runners as pacers for the Shape runners. They were supposed to be eye
candies for the ladies and to encourage them to beat their own personal
records. But hor, not all the guys were that good-looking leh…hahah….

There were pacers for 1:00 hr, 1:10 hr and 1:20 hr finishing times. Initially I had thought of following the 1:00 hr guys as I really hoped to improve my usual timing which usually hovers between 1:07 to 1:10 hr on good and cool days…But I knew realistically that I am still not capable of breaking through the time limit…In the end, I stayed in between the 1:00 and 1:10 hr groups of pacers and runners…Some girls complained after the race on Facebook that, the organiser should provide pacers for 40 or even 50-minutes finishing times. At first I was also wondering how do these male pacers work. Most guys, especially if you are of pacer caliber, should be able to finish a 10km run under an hour. But how many girls can catch up with them? So I thought asking the guys to run at a slower and more relaxing pace makes more sense. Anyway, if you can run a 40-minutes for a 10km, do you still need a pacer? Hahah…

While I ran, Tisu Boy had gone to the mid-point to catch up with the fast runners…

One of the fast runners….She came up second

Too strong!!! This lady was number four

Another familiar face. This lady is a sports doctor. She came up number six!

She was number eight!

Number 10!

Normally you don’t see fast runners with big towel like this…But this lady
was fast! Looked so relaxed!

Pretty lady in pink!

Victory in pink!

Not in pink but look at the nicely toned six-packs! Makes you pink with 
envy! Hahaha

This lady tried too hard to be eye candy..She is a regular at dressing up for runs…
But she was fast…I guess you can only afford to dress up if you are fast…imagine
running in pretty but uncomfortable clothes while trying to catch your breath…

The weather had been quite cool recently, and the last run at Jurong Lake was super enjoyable cos of the cool weather and nice scenery. Unfortunately, I still didn’t manage a personal best result then. So I was hoping for good weather again. But it was super humid since Saturday, and as the sun rose, it got warmer and warmer…I was feeling the heat…All these while, I didn’t see any pacers…I lost the 1:00 hr pacers soon after the starting line as I was distracted while looking for Tisu Boy. As soon as I passed the 4-km marker, I was starting to feel a bit tired…Then suddenly, the 1:10 hr pacers caught up…I thought if I were to follow them, I might still be able to finish within my normal timing…

Tisu Girl feeling the heat…So hot!

Obviously I wasn’t the only one bothered by the heat…




Hot!!! But isn’t it worse to put on the jacket though it helped to keep the
sun from burning the skin…

How did our muslim friends do it? They had to be all covered up running
under the hot weather…!

What was this doggy doing here? Even it was feeling hot, licking his nose…

But some ladies seemed to be enjoying the good weather…

…and loving it!!!

Cute lady in pink!

Pink ladies having fun!

I was really struggling at 6 km…But luckily I always had the orange balloons of the pacers in sight to urge myself to keep up. They did a good job in encouraging those of us who were following them and even to those who were following the next 1:20 hr pacers when we met at the turning point at the F1 pit. Just two more kilometers, Tisu Girl! You can do it! Forget about the #$%& heat and move on!

Finally, I saw the finishing line ahead! Couldn’t find the strength and energy to sprint across…

No personal best timing, but thanks to the pacers, I finished in 1:08 hr,
same as the previous week’s run! Hahah…cannot complain since
I seriously cannot run faster when it got too hot…hahah

All smiles!

We did it!


Thumbs up!

Clap clap from one of the 1:20 hr pacers

Shape Run is so far, the only run that issues the runner kit (aka goodie bag) after the run, which is seriously not a good idea. Feedback has always been given that we prefer to collect the bag during the race expo together with the race bib and tee so that we wouldn’t have to queue again under the hot sun after running. But the organiser is always turning a deaf ear. As usual, it was a bad ending to a good run…

It was chaotic as there was only one queue. We had to join the snaking line
all the way to
 the far left before turning back to join the main queue…Luckily
the ground wasn’t muddy like last year…Took me at least half an hour to collect
the bag…
😦 Really don’t see the rationale in making us queue two times for the
race items. I don’t think anyone serious in running would simply
 skip the run
after collecting the bag on expo day. If this is the concern of
 the organiser,
please give us lady runners some credit! 

While queuing, saw this lady with these cupping therapy (拔罐 ) marks…
Looked really painful and scary…I think one has to be very confident of 
her own skin to show off these marks…Thumbs up!

Well, in any case, other than the colour, the bag and its content is getting worse

Slight improvement in the medal design

But still no indication of the distance ran on the back of the medal…Room
for improvement please!

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