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Always wanted to be part of the National Day celebration but always failed to secure tickets to the Parade? Now you have a chance to be part of it! Of course, Itchyfingers are not trying to sell the much sought-after tickets here…hahah…

If you never have a chance to be at the Parade, maybe the next best thing to feel like you are part of it will be to have someone or something there to represent you?

Held in conjunction with Singapore’s 47th National Day this coming 9 August, the “Building  a LovingSG” event let you customise your own pair of LEGO minifigures with a donation as little as $5. One of the figures will be placed on the seating gallery of the miniature Marina Bay Floating Platform re-created using LEGO bricks, while the other is for your keepsake as a reminder of your participation. This LEGO mini platform will then be brought down to the actual Parade Day for display!

Itchyfingers were at Funan Centre during the weekend and happened to pass by this roadshow at the ground floor. We knew about this from the news but didn’t pay attention on where can we participate. So it was a nice surprise.

All proceeds go to the Straits Time School Pocket Money Fund…

The last time Itchyfingers were in the Parade was a couple of years back, and it was only the Preview. Since it is for charity, we decided to be part of it and made a donation of $10…that means we can have two pairs of figures!

Body parts on the table! Er…not much choices leh…cos we saw some figures
with interesting hairstyles seated on the platform…the nicer and more 
popular ones must had run out liao…. 😮

Tisu Boy reminiscing his childhood….

We used up all the available shirts, pants, hairstyles and head accessories
to form our four minifigures…The hair for the one on the right was
intentionally turned over to create an illusion of a different hairstyle…hahah

Put all four on the platform for a group shot! The one with grey helmet was
trying to snatch the other guy’s spunky hairstyle cos he was jealous…hahah.
I like the chef hat too! 

A closer look at our figures…hahah

Wow I like the blue helmet too! 

Wow these guys looked like they were cheering! 

There, Itchyfingers’ four mini figures on the front fourth row near the
middle. The two seated ones were left behind, representing Itchyfingers to
attend the Parade…

There were still many empty seats left to be filled up. Do head down to the four roadshow venues till 24 June to make your donation and LEGO minifigures, to do your little part for charity as well as send yourself a representative to the National Day Parade!


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