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Everyone loves to look at all things beautiful. That’s why someone invented such a thing called a beauty contest, for commoners like us to ogle at and to choose the fairest of all..hahah…Who doesn’t like to look at beautiful girls? 😀

Itchyfingers attended a special beauty pageant contest last Sunday. But instead of choosing the most beautiful girl, it was a contest to choose the most beautiful domestic cat! Hahahah! 😀

Organised by the AVA and the Cat Welfare Society, it aimed to raise awareness for our community cats – that they can be as good a companion as dogs and as beautiful as pedigree cats when they are given the same love and care.

Being a cat lover, Itchyfingers certainly didn’t wanna miss it. But I forgotten that it was a two-day event and missed the Saturday one. :O

The first beauty that caught my eye when I reached the outdoor roadshow at the adoption booth was this gorgeous kitty with a beauty queen tiara… 😀

Meet Samantha! Such a pretty lady with pink polka dot dress sitting on
her own little cushion…
! I love her
 thick eye-liner! Hahahah! Her fur was
so soft and clean.  The owner asked if I wanted to carry her but I wouldn’t
want to drop her accidentally cos I have never carry one before… 

Unsure of the actual location of the contest, I followed Samantha and her owner all the way there. She attracted lots attention from shoppers!

Quite a number of cat owners were already seated waiting for the contest to start. Couldn’t see that many cats cos some of them were kept in their holders. One particular cat caught my eye…

A comical-looking cat with centre-parting ‘hairstyle’…hahah….looked like 
a boy…

The credential for judging the most beautiful cat included: bond between feline and human; the overall shape and fur condition; as well as accessories – how comfortable they were in them. :p hahah… Groups of threes were invited up the stage. Samantha happened to be in the first group! 😀

Milo was the first feline pageant of the night….He was a bit shy… 😀

Owners told stories of how their cats came into their lives. Many of these cats were adopted from SPCA or through the Cat Welfare Society. Some were picked up from the streets while some were fostered and eventually became part of the families.

I forgot his name…Was it Jayden? But this tiny one was in a goldfish outfit!

And there was Princess Samantha in a fiery Angry Bird jacket! She was a bit
moody and just laid on the table…But she had this special air around her
that made her special…She looked great for her age – 18 years old! She was
the most senior of all contestants…

Itchyfingers were standing not that far from the stage and we had long lens, but our views were sometimes blocked by others, especially when people went all the way up to take close-ups of the feline contestants…So we didn’t manage to get all their beautiful pictures…Aiya!

Manja looked like a little doggy cos of the way she posed…hahah….Maybe
she was feeling tensed up with so many people staring at her?

Look at the big round eyes of Popiah! So tiny for an eight year old! She was
raised up from a day-old kitten!

And this is Dou Ni! Popiah’s friend..So cute!

Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings! He was initially unwilling to come out
from his holder…

Some cats were either stressed, scared or shy to come out that we couldn’t really see their faces…

Centre-parting Teddy! He was one of the KTM cats at the former Tanjong 
Pagar Railway station that the society rescued and put up for adoption.
His owner was a rabbit person prior to adopting Teddy and now a
converted cat lover! 

Comet, aka Meow Meow giving the round-eye innocent look…

Curious and friendly, Meow Meow gave Teddy a sniff…And both of them
began ‘chit-chatting’… ignoring the humans around.. 

Maybe Teddy was not too interested in the youngster, so Meow Meow got
pissed off…Look at Teddy! Simply bochup! (wasn’t too bothered!) 

Another pretty lady in pink! Miss Tammy!

This cat has an interesting name called Oi. Hahah… He has a blog too!
Read it here

Ferrari was also hand-raised with milk bottle by his mummy. He’s a six-
month old kitty. Ferrari has a Facebook page too!

When judges were busying cracking their heads deciding which kitty to choose as champion, Itchyfingers went around molesting and taking photos of the beautiful cats – all close-ups!

Look! Princess Samantha was changed to her third set of dress for the night!
Now she’s a SIA Girl…but a tired and sleepy one…Sleepy beauty! 😀

Princess Tammy being pet by an admirer…Look at those eyes! It was
good that the contest was an indoor one held in the evening as all the cats’
pupils were dilated to the maximum, making them look even cuter and
innocent! 😀  ♥♥♥

Princess Tammy gave me a Puss-in-Boots look! 😀

That’s Dou Ni and Popiah! Look at the sweet pink paw pads! 😀

Itchyfingers also went up to molest Teddy! He has a little mole! 美人痣! 😀

Then it was result time! But we missed quite a lot of action as audiences, families and supporters were getting so excited that our views were again blocked…But we managed to get some shots of these winners…

Mr Goldfish was among some of the consolation prizes winners…Surprisingly
Princess Samantha didn’t make it to top three…Maybe she wanna let the
younger ones get the limelight…

Mr Gandalf! He was getting excited!

The local snack and dessert duos – Popiah and Dou Ni! Those owners with
two cats all got the same consolation prizes… 

Dou Ni getting nervous at his photo-snapping, hysterical fans.“Daddy, can
we go home?” 

Mr Ferrari Chua was top five! He must have won cos of his fighting
spirit for survival!

Princess Tammy was number four! Daddy was so proud of her!

Tammy, sticking up her tongue, “You mean I won again? Couldn’t help
being so adorable…meow…”

The second runner-up was Milo! 😀

So we were left with two feline pageant contestants, and they were invited up stage.

Tisu Boy had predicted earlier that Teddy would be the winner…

And finally we had a winner!

Teddy was the first runner-up! Look how sleepy Teddy was! What a night!
Certainly not easy to be a super star getting so much attention! 

The honour of the Most Beautiful Domestic Cat went to…Miss Manja!
She was accidentally brought home by her human after being mistaken
for another cat…a lucky cat indeed to have landed in a loving home!

Little Manja didn’t realized she just won the prestigious title…and was kinda
upset by the paparazzi around…”Can I go home Mummy…?”

“I said I wanna go home!!!! Meow!!!!!” Hahahah…just like a little kid throwing
tantrums! 😀

It was a great night, seeing so many beauties around…Cats are all beautiful, and it was certainly not an easy task to have to choose a champion among all the contestants! Community cats may not be of pure breed, but they are still beautiful and make great pets if you are willing to give them a lovely home. Adopt! Don’t buy! 😀

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  1. Wow.. such a lovely write up 🙂 and catch all in actions
    .. I had shared your post among my fur friends and fur buddies ❤
    Yup.. Mr Goldfish's name is Jayden and he had turn into a pirahna (Bigger, Fatter, Stronger ^^).. eveyone in the house is fearful of his feisty bites 😛

    • Hi Ann,

      Nice meeting you! Miss Princess Samantha and Mr Goldfish Jayden! 😀 Beautiful kitties!

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