Natural Casualty

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The moment I got outta of the car, I let out a loud exclaim…Oh my goodness…! It was the first time I encountered the dead of such a young life… :O

It laid motionlessly just next to the wheel of the car beside ours…

A tiny, newly hatched chick laid dead on the wet carpark. Was it the work
of the reversing wheels or was it the work of nature? Ironically, 
were on our way to the Bird Park as we had free tickets…

A closer look at the poor chick..

It was so young that Itchyfingers couldn’t make out which species was it…
Could it be a pigeon? It didn’t look as if the wheels had rolled over it –
otherwise it could had been a bloodied mass now! There were no visible
injuries and the body looked
basically intact except for the pool of albuin-like
white substance besides it…Poor thing!

It had been storming heavily recently especially at night; and it was indeed pouring the previous night. So we wondered if the strong wind had blown and destroyed the nest with the poor chick in it, leading it to fall to its death. 😦 We couldn’t find any traces of nesting materials nearby…it must had been blown to quite a distance then…The wheels of the car must have just missed the carcass when the driver parked there…I wonder if they have spotted it when they got outta the car?

Not wanting it to be really rolled over by the car when they leave, I found some pieces of dried barks on the ground and carefully scooped the dead chick up to move it under a tree, covering it with the barks. Living in the wild, these animals are constantly exposed to the elements of nature and face threats from predators. Sad to see the death of such a young life…But what to do? That’s nature…


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