Old City of Steel – Toledo, Madrid, Spain Trip #8

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The high-speed train RENFE is the best way to travel from Madrid to Toledo – about 30 minutes and costs 10.60 euros.

Reached Toledo station close to 10 am….Had to take a shuttle bus to the
old city..

The former capital of Spain, Toledo is a fortress city with striking gates all around the city.

Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo. Admission is 6 €. We didn’t
go in though as we thought we had spent enough time looking at one of the
most beautiful cathedrals in Spain when we visited Sagrada Familia

Some renovation work was going on..

Puerta de los Leones (Portal of the Lions), so named because of the lions
that surmount the columns of the gate that encloses the small entranceway

Two elderly ladies negotiating the labyrinth in old Toledo. Most of these
are so narrow that cars are not allowed, which makes walking around
quite pleasant, except that they are rather steep and hilly 

Living closely together…

See anything interesting here?

Besides the cross on the roof top, there was a stone statue of Christ on the 
facade of this house

The sign said, “For safety reason”….

Besides the many old buildings, we noticed the abundance of metal products available in shops and on the streets. The metal-working industry has historically been Toledo’s economic base, with a great tradition in the manufacture of swords and knives since about 500 BC.

Brave knights stood guard at the balcony, ready to fight! 

I think I need to put on some armour too…wow…this one is for ladies! So 
embarrassing! 😀 Haha…

Time to hang up your pans! Bring out the swords! 

I also noticed many interesting designs of door knobs…

Dunu what’s with the masking tape mark…

Dragon door knob!

Another dragon door knob!

This horse-shaped one kinda reflects the way of life in older days where
knights and swords were common

Tisu Girl doing what she is best at…being an itchy finger! 😀 Knock! Knock!
Anybody home?  😀

The door knob wasn’t very special…but notice there was a small door on
the bigger one? If you are a Pixar Animation fan, you would remember the
scene where Mike Wazowski opened a small door within a bigger door while 
which Sulley came out later. The smaller door here was meant for human,
not just short ones…hahah…and the bigger door was meant for human
riding on horses… :p

I have no idea why didn’t we take a photo of the exterior of  this church…and I forgot what drew us in…But I remembered there was a little poster at the entrance about the panoramic view of the city, so we went in for a look. Only cos 2.3 € per person.

The interior of Iglesia de los Jesuitas

There were many beautiful sculptures in the church…

Itchyfingers do not fully understand this one…Why was this man holding a

Just underneath were some bones in the glass cabinet…Not to sure if these
in the middle were skulls, cos they were adorned with decorative motifs…
We were the only ones at this corner so it felt a bit eerie…

After walking through the main hall of the church, Itchyfingers proceeded upstairs. The bare walls were such a far cry from the elaborate hall downstairs…

After climbing the concrete stairs, soon we saw these tall and long metal

Climbing up…

Looking down…Can be quite scary if you are afraid of height….

Set in the highest location in the city, Iglesia de los Jesuitas offers great views of Toledo and the surrounding region from its twin spires.

The reward – panoramic view of the city! The tallest building in the centre
is Hospital of  Tavera

Can see the cathedral here…

The Alcázar, a Spanish palace or fortress of Moorish origin, at the far distance

The view was so clear you could see people fixing the roof…

Itchyfingers stayed for a while before more tourists came up. It was getting a bit chilly too. Time for lunch too!

We were looking around for some affordable food and happened to peek into one eatery. Then the lady inside came out and invited as to have a look.

We had thought there would be seats inside or upstairs but this shop happened
to serve pre-cooked food for take-away. Somehow we were a bit shy to
leave and also the price was quite affordable, so we decided to try it out…
Waited a while for the lady to microwave our order… 

I think we made a bad choice…First the food were not very nice. Second, the
portions were too big for the two
 of us, especially the meatballs, which only
Tisu Boy was eating. We had pasta, mushrooms and
 fish too. Third, the plastic 
packs were a bit wasteful, and lastly, our outdoor alfresco lunch and ourselves 
got cold very soon as the chilly wind was constantly blowing! :p

Nice pods on the tree…

One more round of walking around the city brought us here.

The Cambron Gate is one of the oldest gates into town

Saw some of these beautiful porcelain plates on display outside a shop that
was closed… 

The best thing for the day trip to Toledo was – my small bag of chocolates!
Very nice and beautifully packed, but the price was not so friendly on the pocket! :p
Should have taken a picture of the shop inside!  

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