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Itchyfingers paid a visit to the yearly Sentosa Flower Festival during Chinese New Year. Somehow we didn’t find this year’s flower variety exciting…many of them were the same kind…Last year, there were flower displays of the 12 zodiac animals (which we didn’t write about!). This year is the Dragon Year, so we were expecting to see a lot of majestic flower arrangements of the Dragon. There were a number of them, but not all were nice. I thought they didn’t make use of the space to make something really spectacular…

A pair of golden dragon next to the ugly elephant look-alike logo…hahah
The expression looked very comical…heee. Quite cute actually…

Purple and red ones…

The pink lady with the elephant logo… :p

Flower polka-dot Dragon…This one was the backdrop for photo taking…
Itchyfingers also joined in the queue as it was surprisingly short…

Cute purplish flowers…I wish I know the name…

They were small and very sweet looking…

Couldn’t help but posed in front of the flower dinosaurs with their long
distance cousin, Longan, the 
Baby Dragon that Itchyfingers made. Yes, he
is that tiny!

By the way, Longan has found a lovely home! 😀

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