Row, Row, Row Your Boat – It’s Play Time! #5

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Itchyfingers‘ search for old mosaic playground brought us all the way to Pasir Ris Chalet. It started to drizzle just when we found it…

The Elephants…I think this is the only one in Singapore. Have never
seen or played with one before. It comes with a separate unit of swings
and a cluster of cylindrical structures for playing catching at the side 

Pushing the elephants…

I wanted to slide down but I think these should be the highest and steepest
old slide I have seen so far…and it was wet with sand, so I didn’t try it

I was surprised to see it so near the chalet that my office rented some time
ago! In fact it was just around the corner! I did go out to explore a bit but
I didn’t walk to the other side…Otherwise, I would have found this long ago!

With so many chalets around, hopefully this unique elephant playground will be put to good use and not turned into a white elephant.

The last mosaic playground that Itchyfingers visited was the bum boat nearby at Elias Mall.

Another unique design with the old bum boat that used to be a common
sight at Singapore River. This one is just next to a food court, so we were
shy to play at it…hahah… 

But actually even if we wanted to play, there isn’t much to do except climb
up this rather straight-forward stair and slide down from this end…Of
course the upright stairs is a bit challenging to climb for kids. You can
climb around the tyres too…Then you can run up the steps at the opposite
end and go down via the tyres…Repeat the workout a few times and you
may be able to lose some fats…hahah 

The short and gently sloped slide…This playground must be designed
for younger children…

A nice mosaic abstract art!

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