Quench Thy Thirst – It’s Play Time! #4

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Singapore is a tropical country sitting close to the equator. So when it came to designing playgrounds, designers in the earlier days had the brilliant idea of using fruits as the theme. It was the first time Itchyfingers saw (and play with!) these playground, as they were not available in our neighbourhood when we were young.

Watermelon playground! There was also a ‘bite’ on the fruit! 

Even the see-saws were made into slices of watermelons! How cute!

Although watermelon is not a tropical fruit, but it is easily available here
and is a great thirst-quencher! 

Look at the details! 

I like the “seeds”! You can peep at your friends through them! Haha… 

Climb up the steps here and slide down from the other end! 🙂

Itchyfingers also visited another similar watermelon playground. This one
had the
 sandpit replaced by the soft foams for safety reason. The rubber
tyre swing was missing

This watermelon had a bigger “bite” 😀 The colour was also brighter and 
more cheerful…But in place of the watermelon see-saws were these springy
animal rides 

Even the foam mat had a slice of watermelon printed on it 😀

Nice cheerful colours!

The slide hidden between the two slices! 

Just less than five minutes’ walk away, we also managed to find the mangosteen playground! Never seen and heard of this until we did some search online!

Somehow, with the palm trees in the background, these felt more like
coconuts than mangosteens to me! Hahahah! The swings were gone…

A mangosteen cartoon on the soft foam ground… 

I think these mangosteen playground is not as fun cos you can only run 
around and pretend to hide inside the shell. The design was much simpler
compared to other old mosaic playgrounds. Strangely, since they used
mangosteen which is the “queen” of all fruit, why didn’t they used the “king”?
I think the durian may make an interesting playground too…haha…Maybe
too spiky so not so safe for children? Hahaha…I think a lot of work to
make durian playground too…hahah 

Graffiti were on every inch inside the fruit…

Yes, I wish I can go back time…and start afresh….

Interestingly on our way out, we found this beautiful sculpture in the park…

One look at it, we knew it was the work of Dr Ng Eng Teng. Entitled 
“Mother and Child”, it depicts the intimate, caring and warm love of the 
mother towards the child. Another piece with similar title can be found outside
Orchard Parade Hotel. More of his work can be found in the NUS Museum

It made me start thinking…If a sculpture can be placed in a park with
children playgrounds, can’t we have a piece of old playground in a park with
other arty sculptures or even in a public area alongside buildings or museums?
As mentioned in our earlier post, the Pelican playground is one such old
mosaic playground which is slated to be demolished to give way for newer
just like the many other older
 things and buildings which we
were once so familiar with 
…Maybe we can help to save it? Will you?

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