Puss in Boots

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If you have watched Shrek 2, the animated movie, you will definitely remember that tom cat who was a capable fighter despite his small size. But what was even more memorable for most people must be when he played up his cute nature as one of his defenses to his enemies by staring up with an innocent, wide-eye expression that immediately softened the enemies’ hearts. It was totally hilarious to see the change in this cat’s expression from a tough fighter to a cute pussy cat! Now, Puss, the tom cat who used to be a supporting character in the Shrek movies, is now the main character of a movie in his own name, Puss in Boots!

In real life, Itchyfingers has also found a cat that looks exactly like the tom cat in the movie. Ginger-coloured, wide-eyed, and best of all, sweet-nature at all time. But the Puss in real life, is a girl… :p

Meet Puss, the community cat a few blocks away from mine

The people staying at her block called her “Kitty”, but I still prefer to call her
“Puss”, which she seems to respond better when I tried both names for
testing…hahah….But she is a bit camera-shy despite being so photogenic…
hahah…so it was tough to get her to stare wide-eye straight into the camera
like the Puss in the movie…

Puss is a super sweet-nature cat! I would love to bring her home if not
because of the fact that I already have my shelled, four-legged babies! 


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