The Quarry – Barcelona, Spain Trip #5

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Itchyfingers decided to pay a visit to another masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi when the lift to Sagrada Família was closed due to a light drizzle. Had a fairly hard time trying to look for it after missing a turn and getting distracted by sculptures on the street.

When we saw this building with the unusual facade and distinctive
rooftop figures, we knew we had finally found it!

Itchyfingers were looking for Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera, which
means “The Quarry” because of its stone-like appearance. It was designed 
by Gaudi and built during the years 1905-1910, and considered officially
completed in 1912

A closer look at the wrought-iron balustrades on the balconies. Each of them
is different and t
he undulating balconies look like a series of waves

At 9 plus in the morning, the queue for tickets was already forming. Besides the €14 adult ticket, I also paid for an audio guide as a friend who had visited not too long before us strongly recommended getting one.

The inside…

Beautiful lamp

Looking up from the atrium where natural light shone through…

Antoni Gaudi (1852–1926)

Originally built to house apartments and offices, La Pedrera is now a museum
showcasing Gaudi’s work. We took the lift up to the attic here

Once you stepped in, you would be attracted by these series of catenary 
arches that make up the attic and support the terrace… 

One of the main attractions – a model of La Pedrera

The terrace….I couldn’t wait to see this!

The model was quite well-made and detailed. Just look at these mini 
wrought-iron balustrade!

The iron gate which we din get a chance to take a clean picture cos there
were always people blocking in front of it waiting for their turns to enter
the building

Model study of the catenary arches. Does this look like those trays in
slide projectors? 😀

Remember the hanging model in Sagrada Família? This was another example.
Under this model was a mirror to reflect its image the right-way up.
Was glad that I had the audio guide to explain more clearly on the idea

Application of the hanging model on the construction of Sagrada Família

I love this building the first time I saw this! The balconies looked like little
skulls, which reminded me of Jack the Pumpkin King in Tim Burton‘s
classic stop-motion animated film, “A Nightmare Before Christmas“.
Tisu Boy said the building was in the vicinity…I must visit this! So cute! 

I was too distracted by the exhibition gallery and forgotten that we should have check out the rooftop terrace first before the rain came, since it was a cloudy day. Tisu Boy kept hurrying me to go up first and come back to the exhibition later. As it turned out, he was right…When we went up, it was already drizzling and it seemed to be getting heavier…

The beautiful chimneys…spoilt by the ugly railing to prevent people from
falling and the gloomy weather and bad lighting condition…. 

The staircase entrances were made to look like sculptural houses (the one
with a door at the right). Even the ventilator shafts and chimneys were 
made like sculptures of warriors. But they were generally monochromatic
compared to those more striking-coloured sculptures in Gaudi’s other works

Another staircase entrance. There were two large curvilinear internal 
courtyards providing light to the central interior 

This one should be where we looked up 
earlier at the ground floor

This cluster of warrior-like chimneys had this green-coloured mosaic tiles
on them which made them look like dirty mouldy mushrooms from far…

Luckily the rain wasn’t that heavy to block the view of Sagrada Família!

Yeah! Could see the “cucumber” from here too!

You might not be able to tell here, but the rain was really getting heavier
and it was quite chilly. Had to cut short the stay at the terrace and retreat
back to the warm interior below

I continued at the exhibition gallery to finish off what I had missed. Besides the models of buildings designed by Gaudi, there was also a section showing animal and plant specimens as Gaudi often drew his inspiration from nature.

A goat skull

An ergonomically designed door handle with an organic shape…looked
like a bean pod…hahha 

Then we proceeded to view the apartment that was decorated with early 20th century furnishings.

The dining room

The bedroom with a baby cot

There were many nice lamps in the apartment…

Old-fashioned iron and sewing machine…

Singer brand! Some people still use this today!

Super old-fashion typewriter!

The bathroom. Visitors were not allowed to go in here…maybe someone 
had tried to pee here before? :p I like the old-fashioned bronze coloured
heater…Wait, why were there two toilet bowls? 

When I saw a similar one in our hotel room, I was puzzled why was there
another toilet bowl without the cover. The one on the right is actually called
a “bidet”, and it’s used to wash your bum after doing your big business! 😀 
For a dummy guide on how to use the bidet, see this site… 😀 

Beside the famous Sagrada Família, which is a must-see if you love Gaudi’s work, a visit to La Pedrera is also recommended. Besides being an interesting and beautiful work of architecture, the exhibition also gives you an overview of Gaudi – his ideas and what inspired him, by showing different models of his other works. I cannot helped but wondered how did he manage to convince his clients to approve his rather radical and new ideas at his time. Either he was a very good presenter or he was very lucky to have clients with very open minds. In any case, it is a blessing to all as otherwise we wouldn’t have such beautiful buildings to visit and admire now. :p

Next time when you visit La Pedrera, try flipping through the guest book and
look for Itchyfingers’ doodlings…hahah….Oops…this gave away the date
of our visit…Gotta try to write more often to cover more about Spain! 😀

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