A Visit to the Market – Barcelona, Spain Trip #4

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Itchyfingers stayed at the vicinity of La Rambla during our stay in Barcelona, so it was very convenient for us to visit this local market, La Boqueria, or the Boqueria Market.

With its entrance at La Rambla, it was almost impossible to miss this market

The Boqueria Market has its history dated back to 1217. But “it was not until 1826 that the market was legally recognised, and a convention held in 1835 decided to build an official structure. Construction began on 19 March 1840. The market officially opened in the same year, but the plans for the building were modified many times. The inauguration of the structure finally took place in 1853. A new fish market opened in 1911, and the metal roof that still exists today was constructed in 1914.”

We were first attracted by its colours – the rows of cured hams hanging high up the stalls; the hustle and bustle of the people activities there. Well, when La Bouqueria started, it was a meat market. So it was not surprising to be greeted with meat stalls when you were there. But this was too much for Itchyfingers

Oh my goodness! Instead of the usual cut meat, they had the whole carcasses
of little piglets displayed in the fridge openly!!! 

My goodness! Dun they look like little babies? I think they only chopped them 
up when customers asked for the different parts…see the leftover hind legs
and some ribs and the piggy’s head! Gosh! Itchyfingers don’t take red meat
at all so looking at carcasses of these mammals always make me a bit sick…
what’s more these were cute and cuddly piglets just not too long ago... :O
Dared not go too near to see….

We quickly went inside to seek some comfort at the fruits and veggies stalls… :s

I have never seen such tomatoes before…look like pumpkins from far…hahah

But seemed like every corner we went to, there would be some ham stalls…

There were so many different flavours…We also saw how the owner sliced
them for customers using something that looked remotely like wood shaver…

Say cheese! 😀

Nice setting for the eggs…

Dried fruits…

..versus these that were soaked in syrup and coated with sugar…I can feel my
tooth aching…I think nothing beats the fresh ones! Bought some nice and
cheap strawberries…

Wow! Spanish instant noodles! 

Spain is famous for its seafood…

Most were so big…look at the big scallops…Too bad I am also selective
when it comes to seafood…so these were not tempting to me at all..hahah

All sorts of fish. There were stingrays too!

Big cuttlefish…compare their sizes with my itchyfingers! 😀

Sole Fish! I just realised the chinese name is 比目鱼

Wonder what fish was this?

Besides fresh ones, there were dried fillets like these

(Warning: For those who love furry four-legged animals, the following photo may cause some discomfort.)

Then as Itchyfingers were happily munching the fresh fruits we bought, suddenly we saw something even more awful…This was the first time we ever saw these….

Rabbits! Skinned rabbit carcasses displayed in fridge! Initially we didn’t
know what were these until we saw the ears! My goodness…Even though
I know there are people who eat rabbits, but to see them in the flesh like this
was a big shock…Could see their toned thigh and buttock muscles so well!
And the sign had to be a cute furry rabbit in suit…

We started our visit to La Boqueria with a full view of piglet carcasses and ended it with these rabbit carcasses! Gosh! Itchyfingers had to get out of there!

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