A Refreshing Run – Safra Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2011

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After my maiden attempt at running a half marathon at the Sundown Marathon this May, I was really tempted to sign up for more 21km races to keep up the training momentum so I can eventually do a full marathon at the end of the year. But I must admit I was a bit lazy to train so hard, and with Tisu Boy’s heels giving him some problem, I would have to do the longer distance training alone. We decided to maintain our current fitness and just do 10km runs for the fun of it, and slowly build up our stamina for another half marathon towards the end of the year.

We were running late and had forgotten to check the road closure information. Ended up parking our car at Liang Court, a fair distance away from the starting point at Esplanade Bridge. On our way there, we caught the 21km runners in action.

The flag-off time for the Men 10km races was 7.15am. We were late. Tisu Boy joined in the queue immediately and eventually started his run about five minutes late. The Women category would only start at 8am…so late! It would be so hot by then! Was really tempted to follow Tisu Boy and run among the guys…I’m sure there were some ladies who did that…But decided to keep to my own starting time.

It was way past 7.15am, and these guys were still slowly strolling to the 
starting point…So slack…hahah….

I also took my own sweet time to visit the loo before strolling to the
starting point. Already felt so hot and thirsty! 

Dear Sun, can you please to merciful and not burn us with your rays?

There were more men at the starting point than women…Many were
still strolling in…Some guys wanted to run with their girlfriends or wives,
others like these Army guys simply like to take their own sweet time…Aiya,
should have asked Tisu Boy to join me…or maybe I should have joined
him, cooler weather…

At 8am, we were flagged off!

About half of this year’s route was different from last year

The first part of the route was similar to last year, where we headed towards Collyer Quay, did a loop around Lau Pat Sat and passed by Shenton Way. Could feel the cool breeze from the air-conditioned office building! I didn’t check which building was it but was wondering why did they keep the air-con turned on on a Sunday morning? Another more appreciated air-conditioned stretch was felt when we ran past the Marina Bay Sand. Was tempted to make a detour inside to cool myself down! Later I heard from Tisu Boy that some Army guys really ran inside! 😀

I wish that when registration opened up for races, the routes would be announced at the same time, cos if the route is interesting, it may encourage more participants…Of course, if it sucks, the organisers risk losing the numbers too. But to be fair, when you buy something, you need to see the product right? So wouldn’t it be fair for us to know the route to see if we like it before deciding whether to sign up or not? Besides running the same route as the 10 km runners, the Half Marathon route also brought runners to the Marina Barrage and gave them the first preview of the yet-to-be-opened Garden by the Bay.

Felt lazy to take out my camera to shoot the first half of the run especially when the route was similar to past runs. Was also feeling the heat. I knew that under this weather condition, I probably couldn’t run a good timing. So I slowed down at the various water points and made sure I finished the whole cup of drinks to prevent dehydration. This was the first time I saw organiser putting up markers for the next water point near the present one. So if you felt like skipping the first one to avoid the crowd and unsure if your water reserve would last you till the next, this next water point marker would be a very useful guide. You would also be motivated to push yourself as you know how much further the next one would be.

The second half of the route was more refreshing. From the floating platform, we ran along Raffles Avenue and then into Stamford Road.

Besides the usual slope running towards Marina Bay Sands, there were
more slopes ahead of us…Here, we just ran past the Philatelic Museum, which
was then all the way up, up and up….

..towards Canning Rise. Everyone gave way to the ambulance that drove

The ROM has finally moved back here not too long ago…

Up, up, up…We ran past Fort Canning Park, the back of the National Museum and into River Valley Road, before getting back into New Bridge Road. I like this stretch of the run as it is somewhere Itchyfingers are so familiar with. Some Army guys started to sing their army songs to boost their morale and I was sure it boosted the other runners’ morale too. But was nearly knocked down by one when they made a detour into the non-competitive path. Oouch! One thing about running side by side with guys is that, generally they are more competitive, and thus may knock or brush onto you when they want to overtake. Tisu Boy was complaining about the numerous sweaty arms rubbing against his when they wanted to overtake him, without saying, “Excuse me”. Eee...At one point, the cheering team shouted, “Army Boys, come on, run faster!” to motivate them. I was already ahead of them but could still hear them cursing and swearing, complaining with whole mouthful of vulgarities, “xxx, call us Army Boys! xxx, we are Army Men! xxx” Wow, they should be sensitive to the many ladies runners around them…Furthermore, if you think you are men, why were you running so slow behind ladies? Buck up and dun be so slack! Army BOYS!

What!? Another slope up along South Bridge Road…

The consolation? We were at our last one kilometre! 

Pushing on…

Finally I was at the last 500 metres! Tried to sprint towards the finishing line at the Padang but the timer wasn’t working for the 10k race! Damn! That was usually the ultimate motivation to sprint even faster in order to save that precious few seconds especially for people looking to break their own personal record. After i crossed the line, was really surprised to see a 1:11 hr time on my watch since hot weather is something I hate while running and I was thinking I might finish at 1:15 hr or more.

Tisu Boy has been waiting so long for this slowcoach under the hot sun

Yeah! Another run completed!

Took this performing group on our way back to Liang Court 

The goodie bag. Not complaining cos the fee we paid was much lower
for past participants. At least this year’s drawstring bag is more practical
than last year’s, which was a stiff canvas material that you can never
“draw the string” to tighten the mouth of the bag…hahah…

The medal is also much nicer than last year’s!

The back 🙂

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