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In conjunction with Singapore’s 46th National Day, over 50 Smurf figurines have been given a makeover by local celebrities and personalities as well as art students and are now still on exhibit at Bugis Junction until 9 September. Itchyfingers saw them last month but frankly speaking we weren’t too impressed with most of them, cos many still stuck with the original blue colour scheme. Not very creative, and the finishing for most were a bit crude. However, there were still some gems among them. This post is dedicated to our friends who are fans of Smurfs…

Some of those which caught our attention:

Soldier Smurf donning scour pad camouflage…actually looked damn dirty…

Samsui Woman Smurf…Wow…worked until face turned blue…hahahah

Samsui Woman Smurf got injured at construction site and had to be wrapped
up! Hahahah…Mummified Smurf from actor Christopher Lee…

His wife’s creation was covered with punched-out circles from magazines
but not very 
nice lor…hahahah 

Bling Bling Smurf by actor Tay Ping Hui. It could have been my favourite
in terms of the finishing until I saw this other one…

Ironman Smurf! This one was easily the best piece in terms of design and
finishing work! There were other super heroes like spiderman and 
superman but they were more crudely done. This one looked very polished!

It was done by 8Day’s Senior Writer. Good job!

If you are a fans of Smurfs or fans of any actors or actresses and would like to bring your favourite Smurf home, you can submit bids via email to All proceeds raised will go towards benefitting the 75 families adopted by MediaCorp Radio as part of their 75th Anniversary Celebration.



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  1. eh u should show fann wong’s one so that i can compare ah..
    sad.. y end 9th sep… sobz sobz.. i want to take photos too…

    • hahah…ok, will go take and update post

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