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In July, Itchyfingers did two 10 km runs. One was the Great Eastern Women 10k Run, and the other was the Shape Run.

It was still dawn when Shape Run participants walked towards starting line 

The venue at Nicoll Highway was a very convenient one as the MRT is just
besides it

Long long queue at the mobile loos…Luckily I went to the one at the nearby
community centre…no queue at all! ;p

We were flagged-off on time by MP Dr Fatimah

But Tisu Girl was about 100 metres or more away from the starting point, 
so had to wait for the ladies in front to clear…

Meanwhile, Tisu Boy killed time by snapping photos of the other ladies as it would be a long wait before I slowly crawled over the finishing line… :p But it didn’t take long for the first lady to run past him at mid point…

Ms Eunice Nyawira Muchiri from Kenya soon came cruising past effortlessly…
She also swept away the first positions for four other runs locally and in the
region during her month-long visit

Fellow Kenyan Ms Esther Karimi came in second for the race more than one 
minute later!

And yet another minute passed before Ms Suzanne Walsham eventually
crossed the finishing line…Familiar face huh?

And then there was our own Ms Vivian Tang. She would have been the 
champion again this year if not for the foreign elite runners…They were
just too fast!

Hahah…no lah, Tisu Girl didn’t come so close to these elite runners…This
was at mid point, where the elites had already finished their run…hahah 

What was Little Miss Wise doing here? :p Do come back in ten years’ time! :p

The route was similar to last year except perhaps for the detour into Geylang Road and then Crawford Street, before going back to the F1 Track and finished off back at Nicoll Highway. The weather was cool and I had my own water so didn’t have to stop at all the water points. Must say the detour was rather interesting and different – I especially liked the run at the Kallang Riverside Park.

When I finally reached Nicoll Highway, couldn’t really believed myself as my watch showed a faster timing than expected! So I tried to speed up also at the last two or 300 metres or so even though I had planned to slow down there so that Tisu Boy could take a photo of me crossing the line…But couldn’t see him anywhere…

Tisu Boy was actually squatting down as there were other guys with big lens
blocking him, which explained why we missed each other. But he managed to
spot me later and shot this finishing shot…Tisu Girl was the one with bright
orange cap…See the timing board? :p

I was faster than my Great Eastern Run! And that was based on gun time, which would be more as I was at the back of the line. When I checked my watch again, it said 1:07 hour! That was my best time for 10 k runs so far! Yeah! Must really thank the good weather! (P.S. Actually my GPS watch showed the distance as only 9.64 km, even shorter than the GE 10k Run, which showed 9.96 km. So I guess this ‘personal best’ may not be that accurate…hahah…)

Collected my medal and the goodie bag while Tisu Boy continued to shoot the rest of the runners. Then, among the sea of blues, I saw Ms Vivian Tang chatting with her friends. This time I didn’t really hesitate and went up to ask for a photo together… :p

Ms Tang was so petite in size that Tisu Girl felt like a King Kong standing 
next to her and had to bend down to be at the same level… Haha…Didn’t
know then that she didn’t manage to defend her last year’s top position
but came in fourth, so I congratulated her after taking the photo. Hope
she wouldn’t mind. But you think it’s easy to come in fourth meh?! :O
Her opponents were strong! 

The routes for 10k and 5k

This year’s bag is huge!

And the Shape organiser took in our last year’s feedback and gave all runners
finisher medals! Yeah! So much better than the bracelet!

But something to improve on – they should put either 5 km or 10km run on
the medals. This is the first time I hear of runs giving medals to even 5km runs.
Had always thought 5km runs are fun runs and non-competitive. Didn’t know
Shape’s 5km run has prizes or medals…Maybe next year I should just run
5km to collect the medal? Hahah…. 

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  1. aww i miss the goodies…
    and gosh gal u r getting fast… i think if i wanna run with you, i must start to train triply hard already

    p/s: so long never comment.. why must login.. so mafan…
    and worst.. i didn’t realise must click ‘post comment’.. faintz…. luckily i copied this just now because i couldn’t remember my twitter acct…

    i got lazy to comment ur GE run… how was the goodie bag for that run?

    • hahah…goodies not that gt, but bag v big can use for short travel to malaysia. actually i doubt myself, cos my gps shows oni 9.64km, even tho there were many parts i ran up n down the kerbs cos of congestions….so i guess a more accurate time shd be about another 2 -3min since already so tired liao, cannot run too fast towards the end. am still running avg 7 – 7.5 min per km lah. hahah…

      GE goodie bag? forgot to show on blog. send u a pic later

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