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Itchyfingers had long wanted to go sample the famous Nasi Briyani at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station but we kept postponing it. Then we planned to do so on the day we take a train ride to Malaysia. As the station was slated to cease operation at the end of June, all the food stalls would have to vacate by the 26 June. It was only then that I thought it might be a better idea to try to go and sample it before our train ride, as I think it might be more crowded nearer to their closing day.

But Itchyfingers were still too late. Obviously there were many people with the same idea. When we reached the station slightly before 7 pm, there were already so many visitors that the carpark was full.

The station at night

I only ate there once during lunchtime when I was working somewhere nearby some years back so was not really familiar with the stalls, and certainly not sure which was the stall selling the famous Nasi Briyani. Forgotten what did I eat that time…Didn’t see the name appear on any stalls but from what we saw on tv, I reckoned it should be one of those near to the platform….

It was kinda chaotic cos there were so many customers. Being uninitiated,
Itchyfingers just followed the longest 
queue for this stall at the left although
it didn’t have Nasi Briyani written
 on the list of items they were selling…
No one seemed to be ordering Nasi Briyani too. Maybe I got the stall all
wrong. But it was a bit stuffy and hot inside here so we decided to just
order other thing to eat… Boo…

There was this crowd of hungry-looking customers waiting very eagerly like vultures in the middle of the canteen. Then I remembered watching on tv some customers commenting about the pisang goreng (banana fritters) being snapped up the moment they were served. Itchyfingers finally saw with my own eyes! The moment the tray of freshly fried banana snacks was taken out, those lucky vultures, er, customers, with metal tongs in hands waiting impatiently started to grab them into their plastic bags with speed of thunders! Others without the tongs simply use the bag as gloves to grab the fritters, nevermind they were so hot! There was no time to waste! Others who either didn’t have the tongs or the bags or were too far from the tray could only stare with jealousy, curse and swear secretly and pray there would be some left for them when it was their turn. So nice to eat meh? Itchyfingers was tempted to leave my queue and try my fingers on those fritters but decided that I would be no match for these “old birds”…hahah…Very tempted to go up to take photos of them in action but was a bit shy to do so…hahah…

After about 15 minutes in the queue with some communication problem,
finally got my two servings of Mee Goreng…But they actually tasted so
so only!

The tables in front of us were all full…those empty chairs belonged to the 
people who were still queuing up for their food…

We decided not to take up the table after finishing our food as there were 
more and more people coming in 

Back in the canteen, we had missed the latest round of pisang goreng 
snatching. More hungry vultures were hanging around the serving table
with plastic bags waiting…This lucky guy was sitting comfortably enjoying
his fruit of labour…The pisang goreng really looked like big fried chicken wings! 

This stall selling chapati was very popular as well. The two ladies were
working non-stop! 

Indian rojak.. queue again!

Shelves for titbits almost emptied!

Even the magazine racks were almost empty…

Long queue for the last minute train tickets…

Not sure why tickets to certain areas could only be purchased 24 hours before
departure, cos it was really troublesome to keep coming back if you failed
to buy yours. For our train ride, Tisu Boy couldn’t purchase them online and
had to go twice to queue up

My friend said that one Malay word we really need to know when travelling
to Malysia is “Tandas”,
 which means “toilet”! Very important indeed! 😀

Kopi for you?

No lah, weather was too humid…Prefer a cold drink. They should preserve
this fridge with the station name…There was another one at the M. Hasan
Canteen near the platform. Makes a “cool” glass cupboard for books too! Haha

The Ramly Burger stall owners were so busy…

Satay! Power! 8)

I like these bamboo fans! 😀

Somehow I found these chickens quite funny looking…hahah

When we were leaving, there were still a steady stream of visitors to the station. Many people were there for a last meal at their favourite stalls, but almost all came with cameras. Although Itchyfingers were not great fans of Malay food and hence were unfamiliar with the stalls, it was still a bit sad to see long-time stall owners being asked to leave the station. The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station would be preserved as a national monument but surely it would be more lively to have these stalls selling Singaporeans’ favourite food than to have a dead building without activities? Afterall, food has always been a part of our culture.

The break would be a long one, until the Government announces the use
of the old station… 

Do join Itchyfingers as we took our last ride out from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station! 😀

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