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This year’s Great Eastern Women 10 Run has been brought forward to July after feedbacks from participants. Good thing it didn’t clash with Shape Run. Would prefer it to be in March or April cos there are fewer running events at that time and it would be good to start the year with shorter runs and progress into longer ones towards the middle and end of the year. Itchyfingers did the reverse this year…finished the Sundown half marathon in late May before going back to doing 10km. Needed a bit of adjustment cos I had been training at a slower pace for the half marathon.

The route for this year. Very similar to last year except that we will be 
running on the Helix Bridge! 

I decided to run with my camera since we will be running on the Helix, should make quite nice photos…hahah

Went for a second loo visit and by the time I decided to join the queue,
the elite runners were already at the starting line…Can you recognise any

of them? Can’t see last year’s winner, Ms Vivian Tang…

Last year, we started late cos apparently some VIPs were so late…maybe
they really think they are Very Important…But this year, my watch was only
7.28am when the horn started…Look at the elite runners! 

This time I was quite far from the starting line compared to last year. Tried my best to go to the front but I was also thinking of letting more of the faster runners clear first so that there would be more space to run.

Tisu Boy didn’t manage to secure a good spot on the bridge, so he only got
to shoot from the side…Can you find Tisu Girl here?  8)

I was quite relax despite being blocked by so many ladies in front of me cos I intended to run at a slower pace at the beginning and pick up after about half way.

This was about a few metres away from the u-turn at Mountbatten Road…
This year’s flag-off time was half an hour late…a bit hot cos most parts of the 
route weren’t shaded… 

Meanwhile, the first lady in the pack had already made a u-turn back…This
was Ms Eunice Nyawira from Kenya. See how far the next runner was from her? 

Remember her? Ms Suzanne Walsham from Australia, the winner for last
year’s Swissotel Vertical Marathon. She was supposed to be second in the
Open Category but I saw in other people’s photos that towards the last few
metres, she suddenly slowed down, apparently due to some pain in the leg…
She collapsed and was wheelchaired away after crossing the finishing line
in pain…and ended up being third…What a waste…Itchyfingers dun have 
photos of these cos Tisu Boy was waiting for me to slowly crawl over to the
turning point while all these happened

Another familiar face – Ms Trudy Fawcett, last year’s first runner-up

Ms Sumiko Tan didn’t do very well for this run but it was fully understandable
as she just did the gruesome 100km Sundown Ultra Marathon a week ago
and won with an awesome time of 10 hours plus! She also won the 42km Sundown 
Full Marathon in late May. But she still managed to clock under 55 minutes…This
should be considered a recovery run for her…Run for fun one lah…hahah

Ms Clara Wong, our Youth Olympics Triathlete

On the way back to Nicoll Highway, there was a majestic White-bellied Fish Eagle flying in the sky…Too lazy to take out my camera cos I had problem keeping it after the first shot…hahah…Of course my small camera couldn’t capture it lah, but it would be nice to see a tiny spot of it flying past the sea of runners in red… :p

Passed by Tisu Boy along Nicoll Highway. This was the second time I ran as
Tisu Girl…hahah…The first was at Sundown… 

Hahaha….This year I managed to run faster than Catwoman…hahah..She
was too busy taking photos lah… 

Ok, I have officially decided that I hate the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) integrated resort…Why leh? Because they have to be built on a bl**dy slope! Hahahahah….!

Running towards MBS…The F1 lighting are really an eyesore…

See! Had to run up the $%&* slope again like Bay Run, only in the opposite
direction! I was slowing down when I suddenly remembered reading Takagi
Naoko’s book on how she fought the slope and tried to visualise myself
running up the shorter slope at the end of the Ulu Pandan canal during my
routine runs…Er, my photo was still relatively sharp even though I was
running…just showed how slow I was…hahahah 

When I saw the Helix, my heart sank again cos it was another slope up!

We had to take a couple of turns here and there to go up the bridge. Was a 
bit disappointed when I saw the faster ladies running not on the Helix itself
but on the other bridge…So we were just running side by side the Helix and
passing by it, not on it.. I got no mood to take more photos liao…

So cute to see rows of Singa the lion along Singapore River…hahah..Free
hugs, anyone? There was the famous Salvador Dali’s melting clock sculpture
outside MBS facing the river but I saw it too late and didn’t want to run back
to take a photo of it…time was melting lah…hahahah….

It was close to 7 km into the run, I was getting tired cos of the turns and slopes. Didn’t make full use of the down slopes to speed up…scared of rolling down accidentally instead…hahah..The water points this time weren’t managed properly as there were fewer volunteers and sometimes cups were empty when you grabbed them. At certain down slopes and staircases, wooden ramps were put up to help us negotiate the steps. But at two points, bottlenecks were formed as it was so narrow that only two runners could run side by side. Some ladies were so tired that they also started walking, making the jam worse. I was getting anxious cos I was hoping to achieve a personal best result for my first 10km run this year…

But at 9km, I knew it was not achievable…It was already 1:04 hour. I had only six minutes to achieve the next second best personal goal…At the 9.5km sign I tried to sprint to the finishing line, which was so near yet so far. Unfortunately, I suddenly felt nauseous for some reason..and it slowed me down… Couldn’t see Tisu Boy…dunu which direction to smile to the camera…hahah! Finally I crossed the finishing line…alamak...1:11 hour…haha…same as last year…But this year was definitely tougher!

The unofficial results were already out…

Couldn’t get Tisu Boy on the phone so decided to join the queue for free
photo…But it turned out to be such a long wait…Strange that after one photo
was taken, the next person in line had to wait for this photo to be printed out
before they had theirs taken…So there was a lapse in photo taking, hence
the rest of us had to wait so long under the hot sun…Maybe it was a
technical limitation on the machines…dunu lah…Only knew of this when
I was nearer to the queue…but I continued to wait since I had already waited
so long… Finally met up with Tisu Boy. So he was near the finishing line
but missed me again…aiya!

I like the post-run carnival-like atmosphere…

Since I was queuing at the photo booth, I missed out on the happenings at the finishing line…This year seemed to be a bit of drama…Besides the collapsing of our elite runner, there were also at least two more ladies who collapsed…Tisu Boy saw one of them…

Poor lady…She must be so dazed after collapsing that she thought she was 
still running towards the finishing line, with arms stretching…

This lady piggy-backed her friend to finishing line. Apparently she had 
finished her own 10km run (she had the finishing medal) and came back
for her friend…What great friendship!

Girls from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School seemed to be regulars in the 
GE Run 

Best buddies holding hands to cross the finishing line…

Didn’t join this Nike Goddess 5k Run…But the tee shirt not bad huh…

Gotta give the Passion Run a miss cos like last year, it happened a week 
before Sundown…so gotta make a choice between the two…This tee is
definitely much better than last year’s! 

Interesting name on the bib could be spotted…just like Tisu Girl…hahahah

Wow! So patriotic! 😀

Power Gal!

Prisons! I think this was the Corporate Category…Er, why was there a guy
running among us?? What was wrong with all these guys? Don’t they get
it? It was a WOMEN RUN, no guys allowed! And he was not even running
at the side, hence taking up space and blocking people! I also saw twice,
men running along with their ladies, but it was just to take photos of them,
after that they just moved aside and cheered them, which was acceptable…

Like me, this lady was carrying a camera, with case some more! Hahah…
Prefer to shoot with proper camera cos the mobile phone camera is so
slow and it is easier to drop the phone while you shoot and run as there
is no proper grip on the phone…

Hmmm…some ladies can put on full make-up when they run…won’t
smudge meh? :p Dunu what brand hor? :p

Wow…Fully covered!

New definition of barefoot running! 😀

And at the prize giving ceremony, we have a new record for 10km road running!

Ms Anne Date, or Qi Hui, beat Ms Vivian Tang’s last year’s time with
38:08:30 minutes as Singapore fastest woman! She was also last year’s 
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore‘s woman winner! Awesome…
Too bad Ms Tang didn’t participate this year. Would be very interesting
to see who would win cos they have been close competitors for a number
of races…

The three top ladies for Open Category…It was a close fight between
Ms Suzanne and Ms Anne Date for this race

The winners for Master Category…One familiar face… 🙂

And the Under 19 lady winners! All of the winners ran a pace of between
3.5 to 4.5 minutes per kilometres to emerge as winners…So fast! 

After queuing for more than an hour, Tisu Girl finally got her photo taken…
Will never queue for one the next time…

The ugly medal for 10k runners…This was chosen online as the “best” design
out of three other equally ugly designs…And to make it worse, it has to be in
shiny gold colour…Wonder what went into the mind of the designer and
organiser…Whose idea was it that lady runners prefer to wear their medal
as a fashion accessory? 

Overall, the run was still enjoyable though I wish the slower and less competitive runners would move one side for others with a personal time goal to pass and the route can be made smoother with lesser bottlenecks. The slopes added to the challenge. There was no cheering teams like last year, making the run a quieter one. Maybe last year’s run was so well-organised that we had expected the standard to be kept the same or better. Let’s hope next year will be better! Life is still great being able to run, no matter how fast or how slow you are! 🙂

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