Wake Up Call – Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand Trip #11

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I was in nice warm Slumberland when a high-pitch screech woke me up…I opened my eyes and got a shock when I saw something outside the window…moving…Then it let out that squeal again…It was only then I realised what was that…

Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe my eyes! A Kea standing at the balcony 
of my room, waking me up at 4.30 am! The sky was still so dark!

Can you imagine how excited Itchyfingers was? To be woken up by a mountain parrot! :D!!! It was still so dark and yet this naughty parrot was already warming up his vocal! (Click here to listen to the kea’s call)

The naughty parrot kept walking to and fro…He had rings on his legs…
must be tagged by the national park people… 

It was tough trying to take decent photos of the bird since it was still so dark…Itchyfingers were fully awaken by now…hahah…Not too long later, we realised we weren’t the only ones “terrorised” by the Kea…There seemed to be others jumping around on the rooftop and our neighbours’ balconies as well! Could hear the other people laughing in amusement as well as flashing of cameras. Hahahah…All woken up by these “natural alarm clocks”! Hahah….

An hour or so passed while the Kea continued clowning around, the morning
sun began to extend its golden rays on the
 mountain range. From our balcony
we could see Mount Cook on the right…

Colours reaching its full intensity!

The first Kea flew off, only to be replaced by another one very soon…These
mountain parrots were so cute, totally unafraid of people. We were the ones
who were more wary of their sharp beaks and claws…hahah 

Being curious, these Kea can be destructive also! 

Our neighbours gave this Kea a apple core…probably so that it would stay
longer at their balcony for them to take photos…but this guy preferred to
come over to our side….

The tentcard in the room with advices on not feeding the Kea, apparently
ignored by our neighbours…

Luckily some still preferred to snack on natural food sources…

Strangely, the naughty parrots seemed to have enough fun disturbing people’s sleep and fooling around on the balcony shortly after the sky turned bright, and one by one, they left. It was also time for us to wash up… :p What a great start for the day! 😀

The previous day afternoon after we had checked into the hotel, we decided to explore around the area….

The Hermitage, a hotel with a long history dating back to 1884

From the hotel, there was this trail that led to the various walks… 

We decided to go for the shorter Kea Point walk due to time constraint, as
day light could end quite early here…

Very easy walking

On the way, we saw raspberry tree! So tempted to pluck and eat!

And also these miniature apple-look-alike fruits…cute…

It was very peaceful as we only met a couple of other visitors on the way..
Maybe we walked too slow so din get to catch up with them…hahah

Most of the path were well-laid…

I think we much longer time to reach here…stopped too long for photos
along the way…hahha…

I forgot to take a photo of the Kea Point viewing platform, which by the time we reached there, was occupied by a couple of other visitors.

Could see Mount Cook so much nearer here! The highest mountain in New
Zealand, reaching at height of 3,754 metres! Er, did my eyes play tricks
on me? I thought I saw a face on the mountain!? Did you see it?

There! Can you see the face? Even the old English couple Itchyfingers were
talking to agreed that it looked like a face!

As the cloud kept moving in from the right to cover the mountain, we sat there patiently hoping to see the mountain cleared up….

And it did… 🙂

We sat on the platform chatting with the couple, admiring the beauty and peacefulness of the vast mountain landscape, until another Malaysian chinese girl who backpacked with two other friends joined us. She walked here alone as her friends were tired. Interesting to meet fellow asian in foreign country!

Walking back took slightly shorter time, but we were still being caught up by other visitors…hahah…

This ang moh guy was brisk walking behind us so we thought he was 
rushing for time and made way for him to cross over first. But after he passed
me, he just decided to lie down amongst the grass to take a nap! Totally ignoring
other people! Hahahah…! Another asian couple in front of us was posing
for photo with Mount Cook as backdrop…

Another look back at Mount Cook…

Just as we hastened up our pace, we saw something small flew past…To our surprise, it was a raptor!

The New Zealand Falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae)! We were lucky to
see this!

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  1. Ah…. NZ is such a magical land!

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