Mega Fox – Wanaka, New Zealand Trip #9

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The next morning Itchyfingers visited the Fox Glacier, which was very near to the Franz Josef Glacier. Despite taking some Panadols, my temperature and cough did not get much better. Luckily it was a much shorter walk compared to Franz Josef Glacier…

Only an hour return trip to the Terminal Face Viewpoint…

The path towards the terminal face of Fox Glacier

Due to its accessiblity, the terminal face walk is a tourists hotspot…

Had to walk across planks to avoid getting wet…Tisu Girl was such an
embarrassment cos she took so long to cross, holding up people at the back
…even little kids walked faster than her…hahahah. This picture was actually
taken during the return trip…gotta wait for others to cross first before
she could take her own sweet time to gingerly walk the wobbly (only to her)
planks… :p 

There…the Fox Glacier Terminal Face



The terminal face may look calm but actually it is extremely unstable. So
we could not go beyond the rope barrier 

But folks with guide could go in…Actually they all moved pretty fast, so
even if I wasn’t sick, I might still have problems catching up since the path
was so rocky and unstable…hahah…

Along with the stream of melted water from the glacier were mega chunks
of ice…

See how huge the ice blocks were? Ice-kacang for you? :p

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