Taking off at Kallang – Singapore Biennale 2011 #1

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After a long wait of more than two years, the Singapore Biennale is finally back! To many people’s pleasant surprise, the Kallang Airport, Singapore’s first civil airport that was opened in 1937, is chosen as one of the venues for the art exhibition. Itchyfingers find the design of the terminal building unique and has always wanted to take photos of it. But we didn’t have the chance until now. In line with this year’s theme of “Open House”, the Grand Lady is finally opened to all to admire!

Though we always pass by Kallang Airport, we have little idea exactly which road will lead us there. Wasted a bit of time making the wrong turn before finally reached the entrance. By then the sky had already turned cloudy…Had to park outside and walk in.

View of the iconic terminal tower from the entrance… So there are shuttle
buses shuffling visitors to and from other venues of the Biennale

Surprisingly, the overcast sky added an even more nostalgic feel to the
charming building…It looks like an old black and white photo that has been
given a tinge of colours to accentuate its beauty…

A closer look at the tower

Emergency exit!

We climbed up this staircase…Notice the fish scales pattern plastered on
the wall…? Looks like the Merlion…hahah…

View outside the window

Not before long, we reached this spiral staircase at the end…but it was

As naughty Itchyfingers, we were very tempted to climb up to check it out…Then we saw a couple climbed up…So I asked Tisu Boy to go take a quick look see…and to ask me to go up if it is interesting…cos I am a bit nervous of climbing down the narrow steps… haha :p

But there is nothing much interesting here leh..wonder why cannot go up?
Maybe they are worry that the spiral stairs cannot take the weight of so many
visitors?  So better dun be a busybody and climb up here when you are not
supposed to…hahahha…

Then we proceeded to the hangar…Some of the panels on the huge windows
were green…making them look like stain glass from far…

Can’t believe we are standing on where planes were housed! :p

This staircase looks scarily high and steep…

We walked around the hangar…

Not sure what this space was used for…

But the whole place just look so dilapidated

Even the toilet signs had to be touched up… :p

The blocks next to the main terminal building were also used to house
some exhibition…

It is good that the old building is opened up to the public and used for the Biennale. But the general complaint is that the whole place is hot and stuffy. I think another good venue will be the Tanjong Pagar Railway station…hahah…Having seen the old Kallang Airport building, we will look at the artwork exhibited there in our next post! Do stay tuned. :p

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