Sweet as Candy

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Itchyfingers managed to have a glimpse at the Sentosa Resort World after gaining free entrance on the night when the boardwalk was opened. It was raining heavily when we finally reached the Integrated Resort and I was particularly interested in this shop  – one will make kids go crazy and drive their parents crazy too! Hahah…Itchyfingers finally got to visit Candylicious!

I had kept my camera as it was still raining heavily, and there was a big sign saying no photography allowed…Er…thought I saw some photos on my friends’ Facebook page…Well, Itchyfingers shall behave ourselves for this time…hahah…so I din even bother to take photo of the exterior…but you think I will only visit once meh? Hahahah….

The shop was big with so many varieties and brands of candies and chocolates! As it is the Year of the Rabbit and Valentine’s Day is coming soon, there was a lot of bunny and heart-shaped chocolates and candies. Actually I am the one with a sweet tooth – I dun really like sweets and candies cos most are so artificial in taste, but CHOCOLATES! Give it to me and I can finish it all by myself! Er…provided I dun get fat…why can’t someone invent some fat-free yet tasty chocolate? 8) Gotta control my itchyfingers from grabbing so many of them down from the shelves…hahah..a lot of them do not come cheap too…

In the end, Itchyfingers bought four bars of chocolates. We were actually attracted by the packaging…haha..These are good cos they do not look too kiddy or cheapo…and have cheeky names which we thought suit our friends…haha

For chocoholics who are suffering from withdrawal symptom – “Tear open
wrapper, break off desired dosage and consume. Alternatively massage into
the affected area. Repeat dosage as required until finished. If symptoms
persist, consult your local confectioner.” Hahahah!!!!  This gives “immediate
relief of chocolate cravings, lovesickness, exam pressure, mild anxiety and
extreme hunger.”

Survival kit! “This kit will be most useful if your idea of an expedition is
a trip to the fridge”!!! Best for couch potatoes!

Chocolate fit for a Queen! Best for vain pot friends! 😀

Haha…World’s Greatest Pick-up Bar…pun intended…hahah…This one
I am keeping for myself…hahah…

There are more cute and fun packaging like one that looks like a box of medicine or one that has love messages on the smaller individually packed chocolate bars. There is something for the boyfriends and girlfriends. But if you are giving it to a married couple, you can choose one with an unequally divided portion for the wife and the husband, though each portion said 50%…hahaa…Aiya, can’t buy all of them lah, if not I go broke…hahah…But there is definitely something suitable for every friend.

One of the free gifts with my purchase – a teddy lolly! Hahah…

Itchyfingers will be back for more! 8)

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