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It has been raining almost all day recently, hence making any outdoor activities impossible. So like most people, Itchyfingers chose to seek refuge in the shopping centre during the rainy weekend. We were just looking around at Vivo City when we saw the banner for the opening of the Sentosa Boardwalk. Heard about it but din take notice of the actual opening day. Since it was a free event for all, Itchyfingers joined many others to kay poh a bit… :p

It was still drizzling lightly and I had left my wet umbrella in the car. Lazy to go get it and we saw that the boardwalk is all covered, we decided to just run across the very short distance. Just at the start of the boardwalk, there was this beautiful ‘fair lady’ welcoming visitors…

The female albino Burmese Rock Python that weighs 25kg. Wow, I should
take out my cardigan, then I look like one of the staff…hahahah…Oh, I
recognise this guy…he was the presenter at Sentosa Palwang Amphitheare

Didn’t expect the boardwalk to have travellators! There are about three or
four stretches, some with only one while others had travellators moving
both directions…Wow reminded me of the Mid-level Escalator in Hong Kong!

There was also the Iguana on display for visitors to touch…It was the first
time Itchyfingers touch one! Feels a bit like my Girl Girl when her skin is
dry…hahah…But not too sure if it is good for the reptile to be constantly
molested by so many people…He was sticking out his tongue..was it
a sign of stress or is it like this site says, “trying to understand its
environment. The iguana has a special cavity in the roof of its mouth called

the Jacobson’s organ. The iguana feeds it with particles from the air, ground
and it analyzes the environment with the help of this organ.” Wanted to
check with the keeper but he was busy talking to some people

Saw this group of girls at the start of the boardwalk. The two girls had
their friend blindfolded and led her throughout the boardwalk…maybe
they wanted to give her a surprise for some special occasion. Birthday

It started to rain more heavily when we reached the middle, where there was a staircase leading to some shops or something…cannot go down to check it out. But that was also where the private function was held…

The steps were lit up and lined with pots of festive Chinese New Year
…looked quite pretty…too bad can’t go down to see

This stretch of wooden flooring formed a slightly wavy pattern…

Finally we reached the end of the boardwalk. It was raining even more heavily, but since it was free entry and Itchyfingers have not stepped into the Sentosa Resort World since its opening, we decided to explore a little…

I like these pillar and the ceiling…

The three friends had also reached the end of the boardwalk…Was thinking
if I should follow them and see what they were up to..but decided to go
check out the shops at the integrated resort…

Actually I was only interested in one shop…So did Itchyfingers find the shop? See our next post! 8)

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