Giant in the City

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To prepare ourselves for the Vertical Marathon, Itchyfingers chose to do our trainings at the 40 storey HDB flats at Commonwealth. But as they were still 56 steps short from the 1,336 steps that we would be required to climb, we were wondering where else could we go. We thought of another alternative which is near to both our working places. But we weren’t sure if it is accessible to the public cos you would actually need to pay to visit the sky we thought maybe there would be some security guard, just like condominiums.

We happened to pass by the area one afternoon in the weekend and decided to just check it out. Turned out that we could just drive in the carpark – there were no security or sort…afterall it is still a HDB estate, therefore it is open to anyone. So where was it that we went to?

Welcome to the Pinnacle@Duxton – the first 50-storey public housing
project in Singapore, housing 1,848 apartments in 7 towering blocks

I remembered witnessing the construction of these flats when I was working in the Tanjong Pagar area. I had thought it looked quite hideous and untidy…

You couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed by its size..

I still think it looks ugly…but the overall environment feels good…

We checked out the stairs…hmmm…easily accessible to the top…But we weren’t in the right attires and shoes to do an impromptu training climb…In the end, we decided to just take the lift up to see if we could steal a peek at the sky garden – we were just curious how do they control outsiders from entering the sky garden without paying? Well, after checking it out, we got our answer.

At the entrance to the sky garden is a full-height turnstile instead of those
we thought found in MRT stations…so definitely there is no way to sneak
in without paying!

Tap card for access

A sign next to the turnstile

We didn’t have any EZ-Link cards with us as our wallets were left in the car. A bit lazy to go down to take it..haha..actually I don’t feel like paying to go in too…Couldn’t help but feel a bit discriminated especially when we saw residents walking and jogging around..hahah..But since it is a public housing estate, why is it that non-residents cannot go in for visit just like any other HDB flats? Such a privilege to stay here… :O

Could only peep through from the turnstile…think the view should be
quite nice…

Only now that we saw this long list of don’ts…

And then we went back to see the staircase…

In the end, Itchyfingers din manage to find time to do our training climb at the Pinnacles. Instead, we went back to the 40 storey Commonwealth flats cos at least climbing there we could enjoy the evening breeze and still have an open view of the area…hahah…best of all, dinner will be waiting for us at the foodcourt just downstairs! How convenient! Hahahah!

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