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Itchyfingers were once again spoilt for choice…First, there was the Penang Bridge International Marathon which sounded fun and challenging and if we were to sign up, it would be Itchyfingers‘ first overseas race. Then there was the Run for Hope, an annual charity event to raise funds for cancer research. Lastly, there was the Swissotel Vertical Marathon where you would climb 73 storeys up the hotel to the helipad. But all these races had to happen on the SAME day…really torn between the latter two races since going overseas (even if it was just Malaysia) for a run is a bit troublesome and we were also not ready for a full marathon.

In the end, decided to join in a new kinda race…since Itchyfingers have been running on horizontal ground joining races, we thought we might as well do the race vertically…Actually after ‘scaling’ the NLB Building in July, I was already planning to join the real vertical marathon…so when application was finally opened, Itchyfingers gamely signed on!

Well, having signed for the race, naturally we would wanna do our best! So…we need to train! Only had the time to do some training after my Great Eastern Women Run. We would have about two and a half weeks to do our training then. We chose the 40 storey HDB flats at Commonwealth MRT station as they are the nearest to us.

One of the three blocks of 40 storey high flats…

After doing some warm up exercises, Itchyfingers were ready to go!

Tisu Girl, feeling fresh before the climb…totally unexpecting of what’s
before her…hahahah….We planned to do two sets of the 40 storeys since the
Swissotel is 73 storeys high….

We tried to run up the stairs initially…only to be totally knocked out at around 7th or 8th storeys….! Obviously we had overestimated ourselves! Running horizontally and vertically is a totally different game which requires different set of muscles! The accumulation of lactic acid on the calf and thigh was too much! So tiring! And I almost cannot breathe! My heart was pumping so hard it was as if I had just raced down 500 metres! Had to slow down and walk after that….:O So, with heart still pounding like mad, I tried to keep to a consistent but slow pace, walking up and holding onto the hand rail. Surprisingly, I found myself climbing ahead of Tisu Boy all these while…I think my thunder thighs were finally working in favour of me for the first time…hahaha….

At last, seven long minutes later, we saw the end of the stairs at 40 storeys and dashed to open the door to get out for some fresh air!

Tisu Girl after the climb…exhausted…. :O

Tisu Boy was no better…hahahah…! Coincidentally we were both wearing
the Bay Run tee shirt…hahah…

My goodness…we were both perspiring profusely! Had to take a five minute break before dragging ourselves to take the lift down for another round of climb!

The lift

With the short break, I found myself slightly better warmed up and prepared for the climb now…Was able to keep a better pace so as not to exert too much energy….While climbing, I counted the number of steps of each floor to keep my mind occupied while checking the number of remaining floors left to be climbed once in a while.

Alas, we made it to the top again…

The view down the corridors…pretty scary

Can see the MRT track here

In total, Itchyfingers spent about 15:35 minutes for 80 storeys, excluding the resting time. Slow…hahah….The fastest record was below seven minutes! Back home, I did a count. There were 16 steps on each floor we climbed. So that would mean we had climbed only 1,280 steps though we did 80 storeys! We were still 56 steps short from the 1,336 steps 73 storeys’ Swissotel! My goodness!!!!! Itchyfingers need to train more and harder! :p Hahaha….!

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  1. I remember that block.. been there before.. the view was perfect…

    • heee….not so bad lor. think can see till orchard area.. 😀

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