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Two weeks after the New Balance Real Run, I was ready for my last run of the year – the Great Eastern Women 10k Run. I did fairly bad for the Real Run partly due to the tougher route, warmer weather and human congestion but as Tisu Boy said, we shouldn’t be comparing races because every race has different routes and factors that affect performance and even your form also varies. But I know I can do better as shown during my training. Not that I am that obsessed with timing, but I always feel that if I can run faster, it means that all the time spent on training is not wasted as it means I am getting fitter, which is most important to me. Also if I am fitter, I will be able to enjoy the journey much better.

We arrived so early…the sky was still so dark…

Our route

The starting point was at a good location – just outside the MRT exit at Suntec City, so we could use the loos at the shopping centre instead of the mobile ones…hahah…At around 6.40am, I joined some early birds at the starting point to do my warm ups while Tisu Boy went off to the overhead bridge to shoot some photos. It seemed to be a good day, but frankly speaking, I had not been sleeping much recently due to work.

The atmosphere was good and the emcees were great. Between the row of
runners and the red and white tape was reserved for the elite runners

Sea of Red against the backdrop of the city…

As time closed to 7am, morale was high and we were all set to go, only to be kept waiting for no reasons. It was then I checked my watch, or rather, Tisu Boy’s GPS watch. Gosh! Why has it gone back to the time mode? It was set to the stopwatch mode for me to just press the ‘start’ button to keep my pace. Perhaps it was left on the standby mode for too long due to the delayed start. I called Tisu Boy for help but couldn’t get him…it must be too noisy to pick up the ring tone. Panic…I tried to recall how he did it but couldn’t set it back….and by now we were finally ready to be flagged off by one whole group of VIPs…maybe one or some of them were late…? Then we were made to listen to the official advertising song before being flagged off!

At around 7.10am we were flagged off with the elite runners taking the lead!
Can you recognise any of them?

I was really panicking when the GPS watch wasn’t working for me…Then I took out my phone and set to the stopwatch function but decided in the end to just keep it in my pouch instead of holding in the hand to check my timing…”Forget it! Just run!”, I told myself, “Just try my best!”. The watch read at 7.11am.

Can you find Tisu Girl in this Sea of Reds?

I remembered that I was keeping my usual pace for the first 2km, but after that I kinda lost count since the watch was on normal time mode…So I just concentrated on my breathing and tried to keep constant pace. Not before long, there were clappings and cheerings from some ladies on the left side of the road – the elite runners had just passed us after making the first u-turn. That was fast! I could only catch a glimpse of this lady…

She was one of the top runners at the Shape Run some months ago. One thing
I like about a all-women run is that they are less aggressive and more
supportive unlike a mixed-gender race…hahah…

Meanwhile, Tisu Boy had stationed himself at one of the turning to ‘ambush’ the elite runners…hahah…and guess who was the first lady he captured?

Ms Vivian Tang…the winner of Shape Run 2010…she was also the winner
for last year’s Great Eastern Run

Following closely was Ms Trudy Fawcett from UK

And then Ms Krista Patlovich…

We were give a choice of name for the bib during registration…so there were some with interesting names…

…like Froggy!

…or Princess!

It was quite a long wait before Tisu Girl finally appeared… :p

The route had so many u-turn. Here we made a turn before the starting
point where the 5km runners were getting ready…

As the run also coincided with Halloween, there was a Best Halloween Costume Contest. As it would get so warm when running, to don a full fancy costume with full make-up was really no joke…so most had the Devil’s Horn hairband just to join in the fun.

Called the ‘Pink Ladies’, these were breast cancer survivors running to
raise awareness for the disease

But there were those who really came more prepared…

The Witch. Her ‘nose’ had to be hung loose under the chin while running…
otherwise, how to breathe? Hahah….

Another one with fancy mask…They may be having run dressing up, but
these two ladies were fast runners!

But none of these ladies could beat this regular face at the Women Run…

The invincible ‘Cat Woman’! No, not this one in front, but the white-haired
with white scary make-up, skeleton tee lady! Hahaha…Tisu Boy din manage
to take a closer photo of her…haha…Naturally she emerged as the winner
for the costume competition…haha

I think Cat Woman overtook me at one of these u-turns…

Another lady with a huge flower hat…

Pumpkin lady

Surprise to see another familiar face – Clara Wong, our YOG triathlete

Ooo…we were looking for this bottle but couldn’t find it in the shops…

Energy gel for 10k run? There was a lady with two packs of energy gel
standing behind me at the starting point too…Actually not really necessary cos it
needs at least 30-40 minutes to take effect…and it doesn’t come cheap either…

Nice tatoo! :p

Great friends…

Beside ladies from all walk of life running, the Chairman of Great Eastern
(the one with red visor) also joined in

…as well as wives of a few countries’ embassadors

There was also the new Mother and Daughter 5km category. This must be
the most elderly mum among the runners…don’t they look alike? 🙂 Sweet

How come there was a guy among the ladies? :p

At about 7 or 8km I was getting tired…too many late nights…I peeped at the watch…I had forgotten how much time I had spent on the road now… 😦 Gotta push on…Finally I saw the 9km mark…exhausted… 😦 I was quite sure I had exceeded my best training timing of 1.06 hr… 😦

When I finally reached the last 500m or so, I was feeling so good mentally that I picked up all my energy to run as fast as I could…couldn’t see Tisu Boy anywhere…When I saw the time on the finishing line I ran even faster – 1.10hr! I had made it in 1hr 10min! Didn’t really expected it cos I thought I was panicking in the beginning and losing pace…! Although I didn’t make it faster, but I think I did my best for the day..and 1hr 10min was the time I set for myself when I started taking part in races in May. (By the way, a check on the official result showed my timing was in fact 1hr 11min…maybe I slowed down after crossing the finishing line before stepping on the timing device on the ground…damn…hahah.. In any case, this is still the best timing for me on a race day. I just have to try harder next time… :p )

We had to negotiate this muddy grass patch to collect our drinks and snack

Finally met up with Tisu Boy…he was busy shooting the 5km run ladies that he missed my ‘glorious’ moment…hahah…

Tisu Girl with my fourth running medal

We stayed around to cheer the other ladies who just finished their races…and what happy faces we got!


So happy!

Well done!

Running with baby girl!

Great bonding for mum and daughter!

Where did this boy come from? 😀

She ran the whole 5km with her goodie bag…haha

Being Itchyfingers, I borrowed this from the Great Eastern staff…hahah..
Life is Great. Being able to run is a blessing…no matter how fast or slow
you run…

Then we proceeded to wait for the prize presentation…and we saw all the winners for the run just in front of us!

I wanted to take a photo with the champion, Ms Vivian Tang, but was too
shy to approach her…So stole this shot while they were posing for other

And then the Pink Ladies all came in to take photo with the top three winners…
our petite champion was almost drowned…haha..

Winner of the Mother and Daughter category

Then we had the winners of the Women Open Category…

Guess what Ms Trudy was teasing and pointing to Ms Vivian? That there
was a little stool behind to assist her to climb up the step…hahah

Three extraordinary ladies deserve what they had trained hard for…

The first and second position for the Master category went to the same two
ladies while Ms Siobhan Mchugh from Ireland clinched the third position

Winner of the under 19 category…Clara Wong came in second…I saw the
number three lady at the starting point…

During our run, there were a few cheerleading teams…thanks for their enthusiasm, it really brought a lot of fun and lifted our morale!

Ketchup – the winning team. With a name that sounds like ‘catch up’ and a
costume like that, who wouldn’t be smiling and push on a bit more?

With this Great Eastern Woman 10k Run, it marked the end of races on my calendar for the year. But it definitely would not mark the end of races or running for me. Neither does it mean the end of training for this year…for Itchyfingers are due for yet another race…a different race this time….Find out more in the next post! 8)

We were given a chance to vote for the medal design for this race

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