Ten Ten Ten Ten – The Prelude

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On 10 October 2010, 10.10.10, what were you doing?

Itchyfingers were spoilt for choice on that day. There was the 10 km Mizuno Wave Run as well as the Newton 30km Challenge, which was a little too challenging for me though. :p But we din sign up for any run that day cos it happened to coincide with a trial run for the New Balance Real Run. This was the only run that has a trial session for all runners. It was a little different from the rest as we would be required to run on trail, taxiway/road as well as sand, making it more challenging than usual. So we decided to sign up for the 10km one so as not to kill ourselves since we are still quite new to races.. :p

The venue at the Changi Exhibition Centre was so far that we made it just 5minutes before the start of briefing at 7am. Gotta brisk walk and then run to the starting point, which was quite a distance from the carpark…Wow, there were probably between 100-200 people gathering around listening to the briefing….

We were briefed on the terrain, the waterpoints etc…and to just enjoy
the route as it was only a trial run

Didn’t know that even for the trial run there were two flag-off times…

The 15km folks were flagged-off at about 7.15 am after the briefing…

Aiya, if I knew it, then would not need to waste energy running to the starting point…:p The good thing about this place was that there were proper toilets! Yeah! So made use of the waiting time to go clear the bladder..hahah…

Soon it was the 10km runners’ turn! For the 10km run, we would be running 4km trail, 600m sand and 5.4km road versus the 10.4km road for the 15km route.

We ran past these strange-looking structures…not too sure what were these…
It drizzled in the early morning on our way here but luckily the rain stopped
when we reached…So it was a cool weather for running!

From there we passed through a gate and this was the start of the 4km trail –
an open grass land area

I thought this was not too bad…had expected to run on uneven terrain with many up and down slopes. But it was still possible to sprain the ankle as I nearly did cos there were many potholes here and there. Tisu Boy, who was running with me, had his new toy – a GPS watch, to help track our pace. So after every 1km it would give a beep sound…and it was certainly a great sound to hear when you are running! Hahah….But somehow the beeping didn’t tally with the distance marker and without knowing it, we had already past the 2km mark…it was then I suspected that the marker was not so accurate as my watch also showed me running faster than usual…

Finally finished the trail and ran out to the road to the first water point
before continuing the run on the road along Aviation Park Road….

True enough at the 5km distance marker my watch showed about 32minutes, way faster than my usual timing…and then another few minutes later Tisu Boy’s watch beeped, indicating the actual 5km distance covered. That was about 34 minutes. Itchyfingers pushed on…by now I was getting lazy to pull out my camera to take photos…Some of the faster 15km runners were already turning back!

Making a turn at around 7km into Changi Beach, I picked up a second drink before running another stretch of pathed road. Then the marshall lead us to the grass where the real challenge began! We had to start running on the beach from there!

It was the first time we tried running on the beach and it was really tough! It didn’t help that you had to run down the sandy slope; risk spraining your ankles to get to the flatter sand which was easier to run but so close to the water…The sand was so soft and each step required extra effort to move forward…and I started to get stitches after the second drink! Bad move! Could have skipped it since the weather was cool…

Taking a short break posing for picture. I forgot that I should switch my ’10’
sign the other way round….So on 10.10.10, Itchyfingers ran 10km! TEN
TEN TEN TEN!!!!! (Sing to the tune of the Wedding March…) Hahahaha!

It may be a short 600 metres sandy beach but I took more than 8 minutes for this one kilometer! What a slow coach!

From there we got back to the road and then turned back into Aviation Park Road…My problem is always the inconsistant pace…at this point I picked up speed…

My morale was so high after passing the security post knowing we were
getting closer to finishing point! The 9km marker is always a welcome sign!

But the last 1km seemed endless even though I thought I was already running faster! When we finally reached the carpark, it was a bit annihilating to remember that you gotta finish off at the same starting point, which was another 200meters or so away…Wow! By now Tisu Boy had already sped off, together with the many other guys who overtook me…No strength liao!

Finally I struggled the last stretch to reach the finishing point…and I was actually thrilled and surprised to know that despite the tougher route, I finished off at a time of 1hour 12minutes! I was doubtful but the GPS watch showed that we really completed 10km though the last 9km was indeed much longer, maybe to compensate for the shorter distance in between. So far that was the best timing for me on race days though this was just a trial run! The cool weather must had been a great help! My confidence was certainly boosted! Now I was really looking forward to doing better, if not the same timing, for the actual race day! 😀

So how did Itchyfingers fare on the actual race day? Check out on the next post! :p

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  1. u cd try to run 15km for trial .. but if u were testing yourself then ya stick to 10km.
    oh and dist markers for runs r not accurate. My thought is it has to do with people’s mentality too while running.. psychology? Cos I always noticed that certain points were closer than other points like trying to motivate you to go further. And like u say, at 9km mark, I do believe people will not want to give up by that point and thus they will persist so no harm extending it abit…

    • Oh ya! I should have tried the 15km…hahah….wasted… :p

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