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Itchyfingers experienced feelings of anxiety prior to the day. For Tisu Boy, it was his first 21km half marathon run. For me, it would be my third 10km run but I would be running alone. Being a blur sotong with bad sense of direction, I was worried that I would not get to the start point in time. The starting time for the two runs was three hours apart, so it would not make sense for me to follow Tisu Boy and wait till the start of my run at 8am though I would like to be there to support.

But I still ended up jumping out of bed at 5.55am. Too excited and needed time for brekky to be digested before running. :p

Went out at 6.45am and it was already getting a bit humid. Wondered if Tisu Boy was feeling the heat too…hahah…he should be almost done with his run by now? Missed the damn train and had to wait for seven minutes. Saw a few people in the official running tees. Good, can just follow them liao…hahah…

The back of the official tee

Alight at Raffles Place instead of City Hall as I felt it should be nearer. But wasted so much time looking for the toilet. It was already past 7.15am, and Tisu Boy hadn’t call yet, which meant that either he had started late or he did not manage to finish his run within his desired time. šŸ˜¦ As there were a few ways to get to the starting point along Fullerton Hotel, many people were walking around from different directions. Some were runners who had finished the 21km early…so I was a bit confused. By the time I reached the Cavenagh Bridge, Tisu Boy called, still panting from his dash towards the finishing point…He had finished in 2 hour 10 minutes, a vast improvement from his projected time of 2:30 hour when he just started training, although he had secretly aimed to finish in two hours. :p But it was still not bad, as it was his first 21km with a short three months training and the run was so crowded. Well done! Too bad, I din manage to make it in time to try to take some photos. šŸ˜¦

Went to the padang area near the end point instead and had toĀ walk back after askingĀ a runnerĀ the nearest way to the starting point. SoĀ embarrassing. Wow, I was sweating like a pig even before running.

Walking towards the starting point in front of Fullerton Hotel

It was so hot and glaring that I couldn’t see where my camera was aiming
at. This could be a better picture without the road sign blocking the new
integrated resort…

Then Tisu Boy joined me at the starting point. Should have asked him to bring me a drink…so hot! Instead, he brought some ‘scary’ news – there would be slopes welcoming us along the bridge…ooops! Looking at the weather, I think I better give up the thoughts of running and shooting at the same time…too tiring! šŸ˜®

The route. I dun really like this map cos more landmarks could had been marked and
the 10 and 21kmĀ route looked so out of proportion..

So camera back to Tisu Boy to take photos for me instead! :p

Warming up…Oh, the lady behind had the same running tee as me! :p

Flagged off at 8am! These were people at the back of the queue. I noticed
many guy 10km runners among us…their starting time was supposed to be
7.15am…maybe they wanted to runĀ with their girlfriends or wives? Er…
then why can’t the ladies start at 7.15amĀ with the guys? Would be a much
cooler time to run…

I started running at a slower pace than usual as there were so many people. The weather was so hot at 8am, it felt like over 30 degrees already. This time we didn’t recce the 10km route, so I was not sure exactly where we were running – the map without more landmarks was not very clear to direction dummies like me…I vaguely remembered somehow running into the Shenton Way financial district, passing that ugly red scuplture along Finlayson Green, grabbed a drink at about 2km mark, missed another drink station at about 3km cos too many people blocking me, and then ended up at the first slope of our run…the Benjamin Sheares Bridge…Oh, and welcome to the Marina Bay Sands….

This was when I really wished I had my camera with me. Thanks to Angie
from Kinigu.blogspot for allowing me to use her photo. I could have whipped
out my phoneĀ to take someĀ record shots but I wasĀ so tired struggling up the
slope…It felt like a numberĀ 5 to 7 incline on theĀ treadmill, but I was thirsty
and the heat was a killer..Tried not to stop butĀ slowly jogged up and yeah,
a bit depressing to seeĀ briskwalkers overtaking you. Some who were initially
walking up decided to sprint up the slope and end the misery quicker…
I wanted to do that but myĀ legs seemed to have grown roots…

At halfway ground marker, my watch showed slightly over 33minutes. I was surprised that I was doing better than usual despite the heat, only to realise that it was few metres short of 5km. So at 5km, I was about 35minutes, which was my usual training pace. I thought I was running slower to conserve energy for dunu-how-many-more slopes to come…It was encouraging, and I thought I could hit my secret target timing…

Besides growing roots on my legs, I also suffered memory lost from overexposure under the scorching sun… :p cos I seriously dunnu how we ended up running past some part of suntec area where the Esplanade Mall sign at the distance was where I was staring at to motivate myself…did we also run past part of the F1 track? :p But I certainly remembered the second killer slope of the run on the bridge again. This time, it seemed to be even longer, maybe about 150meters? I couldn’t be sure, but with the sun burning constantly on the right side of my body, I wanted to end it soon…The scenery with the flyer at the left was beautiful…wished I could just stop and take photos..and then take a bus back home…hahahah….But, gotta push on Tisu Girl!

It was always mind over body for me between the 7-8 km mark, where I knew I gonna finish the run soon and if I were to push a bit harder I would have finished in a better time. During my training runs at East Coast, the best timing I ever achieved was 1hour 5minutes, which I could hardly believe and told myself maybe I ran short of a few meters here and there and the weather was cooling. At 8km and my watch had already passed one hour. Damn, that means I would not make it even for 1 hour 10 minutes, a time I was aiming for. šŸ˜¦

Then finally back at the Fullerton Building…then 9km mark, picked up the last drink…nearly went to the wrong lane for 5 km runners…Then the prettiest sign of the day said 500 meters more – It is perfectly legal to speed! Time to pick up speed!

At the ending point, Tisu Boy was back after fetching his SLR camera, waiting patiently for me…

Tisu Girl at the last 50 metres or so, still struggling to pose for camera…haha.
Did we look like running in a prison compound with all the fencing for the
coming F1 Race?

Reaching soon!

Tisu Girl finishing off the run at 1hr 15min…Almost 3 minutes improvement from
Shape Run
despite running up slopes and under unfavourable hot weather

While waiting for me, Tisu Boy took these interesting pictures…many did not follow the rules of the game…heee…

Bib pinned upside down…

Bib pinned wrong side up with no personal details and emergency contact

Bib held in the hand, still intact in the plastic bag

Running with bib in the wrong category…or maybe the person couldn’t make it?
But she was fast, finished under one hour…

Running with no bib, no shirt…But a lot of the army guys did not have
any bibs…think that’s cos they ran as a group…

The army boys…

Marching on, smiles on faces!

Lady from the army engineering unit…

There were many runners who had done other previous runs wearing the official tees…

From Shape Run!

From Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon!

From Adidas Sundown! This tee is nice!

From this year’s Adidas Sundown! The tee not as nice…

From Great Eastern Run! She had the Sony wireless mp3 on…good for
running cos no wires and is waterproof…hmmm…tempting…

From New Balance Real Run!

Know why people din wear the official tee for the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon?

Cos it was not nice and came with sleeves…so hot! No wonder gotta fold up…
This lady was among the top finishers!

Whatever tee you worn, it gotta be Above the Best! haha

This lady had compressor socks to help relief and delay muscle pain

Great move to have own water supply! Better if it was chilled!

But running with a bag…a bit cumbersome…where’s the bib? :p

A young girl shadowed by those older and taller than her…Seems like she
just did the Yellow Ribbon Run the week before! šŸ˜€


Fun run! Don’t think I could run 5km at this age…hahah

As it was still the Muslim fasting Ramadan month, it was a tougher run for the malay runners…

Keeping the faith in religion and believing he could finish the race..Well done!

Thumbs up! Not easy to run in hot weather without hydration!

Take cover…

Fun goggles! :p

Reaching finishing line liao still talking on the phone? hahah


Finished the run with a great buddy!

Collected the medal!

Tisu Boy commented that the 21km and 10km medals should at least have
different coloured lanyard…

Itchyfingers against the skyscrappers

And one last shot at the finishing line! :p

Although IĀ didn’t manage to finish within my desired timing, was still quite satisfied that at least I had some improvement. Couldn’t help but feel a bit sense of achievement when we passed by the area by car now…hahah…

My second running medal

The Integrated Resort was added in for this year’s medal

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  1. I LOOOOVVEEEEE your photos!!!!!!!

  2. my next run will be the Great Eastern Run. I think i will attempt 21km next year!!
    btw, i signed up for the wrong category. i belong to the Women’s Master cat… well, i tried to hide my age mah. hahaha!!

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