Playing Dead

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Itchyfingers were birdwatching at Sungei Buloh when we saw something floating in the water. At first look, we thought it was just some big branches, though the colour was a bit pale. But, wait. No, it was something else…

Oh my goodness! It actually had limbs! Looking at the size, it should be a baby!

A baby floating in the water!?? It was floating with the legs above water. Gosh! What did we just discover? A murder? :O How gruesome can that be, especially if it was a dead baby with no head… :O Oh my goodness, what should we do?!?

Then we remembered I had the binos hanging on my neck. I raised it up, but not before mentally preparing myself for the worst…

I stopped breathing and looked through the binos…then…

“Hahahahahhaahahaaaaa……” I burst out in laughter… 😀

It was a baby. But it was a baby doll!

Aiyo! Nearly scared the daylight outta Itchyfingers! Buahahahahah!!!!

No lah, Itchyfingers were not so dumb lah. Was just fooling around again…hahahah…But next time hor, wanna throw away such life-like doll, please dispose of it properly hor! Not only it is polluting the water and the environment, imagine seeing it in dim light! Really can give you a shock! Hahahaah… 8)

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