Blazing the Trail – YOG Torch Relay

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Itchyfingers was lucky to have made it in time to catch the Youth Olympics Games (YOG) Torch Relay at the neighbourhood of Clementi this evening!

The moment I came out of the MRT station, I looked at the direction of the temporary bus interchange and saw some traffic police blocking the road. I quickly made my way down the stairs, only to see two brightly coloured open-top bus like those used in the Hippo Tour with full loads of cheering people drove past! Too far and quick for my small camera to capture! :O

I thought that was it…or maybe the Youth Olympics Flame had already passed by since it was past 6pm. But the traffic police were still around and there were still many people standing around, waiting with their cameras. So I thought I should just hang around for a little longer…

Alas, about five minutes later at about 6.20pm, I saw the Torchbearer and his entourage!

Yeah! I saw the Torch!

I was the only one standing on the road divider when they passed by. Most
people stood next to the traffic light or by the roads

Was pleasantly surprised to see them passing the flame right in front of me!

And yes! I got the moment! Too bad the view was blocked by one of the
many accompanying runners, or ‘bouncers’ I would call them….hahaha…
But I think no matter where you stood, you would definitely be blocked by
them…unless you were one of the official photographers who were allowed
to stand in the middle of road…

Everything happened so fast! The second Torchbearer started running before
I could take a better shot…

And off they went! The photographers were sitting comfortably in the
vehicle in front…

I wanted to follow them but being on the road divider, I had to cross the road first…

Gotta give way to the bus and traffic police first before crossing…

I crossed the road and wanted to follow them to take some more shots but there were too many people crowding around at the bus stop ahead and then more at the road outside the primary school…I just couldn’t make my way fast enough to catch up! 😦

Many people still crowding around even after the relay team were gone

The whole torch relay here lasted not more than two minutes, but I was glad I was able to catch it in time, and right in front of me! 🙂

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