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5.00am – Rise and shine

5.20am – Had a red bean bun for brekky. Skipped the regular cereal and milk to avoid tummy upset though I am not lactose-intolerant. Good to play safe. Had one cup of water

6.05am – Dressed and cleared bladder before hopping into the car…but damn…felt like peeing again half way through the journey :O

6.20am – Reached Beach Road. Tried to get a parking lot…getting a bit anxious if we could find one in time for me to look and queue for the loo…

Reached Golden Mile Complex and before I could open my mouth to ask for the nearest loo, the lady told us to “walk straight turn right”. It was then I realised that there were already so many ladies in the same tee-shirt as me, either heading to or already inside the loo queueing for their turns. I was the last in a queue of about seven or eight ladies. Damn…gonna be late. Luckily we made it in time at about 6.45am to the venue. A bit late for my liking though, so I was not in the mood to take photos of the sea of light yellowish-green stretching from the new Nicoll Highway MRT station to the grass field opposite Golden Mile…And I couldn’t believe it…I felt a slight urge to pee again…but by now the queue to the mobile loos must be quite long…I guess I would just have to endure it, and hope that the urge would stop once I started to perspire…

Why was Itchyfingers up to in the wee hours of a Sunday morning? Following my first 10 km Passion Run two months ago, my itchyfingers signed up again for the 10 km Shape Run. The above timing is a recommendation of pre-race preparation – to rise early enough for a light brekky with lotsa hydration and arrive early for warm-up as well as toilet visit. Guess I had to leave the house even earlier…

As Shape Run is a ladies-only run, there were a lot of boyfriends and husbands
around to support their better halves…Here we were waiting at the starting
point for the flag-off after the mass warm-up session. There were residents
doing their exercise on their balcony too…too bad Tisu Boy din notice them

Waiting in anticipation…We were rewarded with great weather for waking
up so early. The weather forecast had been storm with heavy rain for the
weekend. Glad they got it wrong!

At about 7am, the 10km run was flagged off by Mr Teo Ser Luck – Parliamentary
Secretary for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports,
among a list of several other posts…The lady in the racing tee was Ms Jeanette
Associate Editor of Shape Magazine. She was Singapore’s fastest woman
at Ironman 70.3 in 2009 and Adidas Sundown Marathon Ultramarathon in
2008 and 2009! She would be running the 5km which would start at 7.30am

I was about two-third behind the queue, so had to half walk and half jog
to the starting point. I couldn’t find Tisu Boy, who was supposed to be
at the flag-off point. By the time I saw him, it was too late for a pre-run,
fresh-look photo without stopping and blocking others… 😦

We ran past the Golden Mile Tower and Complex…

Crossed the bridge overlooking the Kallang River…b
efore turning into
Mountbatten Road…

Luckily, once I started running, the slight urge to pee went away. Initially when I looked at the running route I felt it seemed longer because of the many turns…To calm my nerves, Tisu Boy drove me along the route the day before but we could only recee part it due to National Day rehearsal road closure. But at least I knew where would be the half way point, so I would be mentally encouraged to finish off the remaining half. I am not kia-su lah, hahah…

It was certainly a surprise to spot Tisu Boy at the half way point! 😀 I was expecting him to be waiting at the finishing point to catch the winning moment of the fastest woman, which I had hoped to be Vivian Tang, the three-time Singapore Marathon champion, though I had no idea if she would be participating in this run. When I finished the run, I was told that indeed she was the winner!

Ms Vivian Tang at the half-way point. Look at those toned muscles! I only
saw some caucasian ladies turning back at Stadium Road…She must had been
too fast for me to notice…hahah…I met her one morning at Ulu Pandan canal
where I jog, and saw for myself how fast she was even on a training day.
She finished the race at 39:57 minutes! Gosh, my watch said 38 minutes
when I was at the 5km mark, that made me only half as fast as her, and that
might not even be her best result!

Ms Mok Ying Rong, came to a close second at 40:40 minutes. She also
came in second in Passion Run. Did I mention that she is only 16?

Dr. Astrid Simon came in third at 43:18 minutes

Whenever there were cameras around, the camera-shy ones would shun them but there would always be some who would be so willing to give their best pose! Guess what was the most popular pose?

The cheery V-sign! Very nice pinky attire!

V for Victory!

V for Very Cute!

V for Very Happy!

V for Very Good! Notice the tapes on her knees, thighs and calves? I think
these should be for alleviating pressure in an injured spot as well as to retrain
a joint to function normally again following injury. V for Very interesting…

And here comes Tisu Girl at the half way point near Kallang Sea Training
Centre with a V-sign too! V for Very Slow! Hahahaha!!

We got the Hi-Fives!

The Thumbs-Up! This lady came in number 8! Good job!

Many people like to run with music, especially upbeat ones which either
keep them awake or motivate them to go on. I tried it but it didn’t make
my timing much better, and I don’t really like having wires around my face
and neck especially when I perspire a fair bit…and I can’t imagine running
with big ipods or iphones secured in arm bands…a bit heavy for my liking
though I only have a small ipod nano…hahah

Guess if I had to choose, I would rather bring along a small camera. When we past by the National Stadium MRT, a husband with two kids were waiting for mummy to run past, and kids ran towards mummy asking if she was tired. I wished I had my camera then…

View from the bridge at the Kallang Sports Centre area

I found the three hydration points a bit unevenly located at the 2 km, 6 km and 8.7 km marks. I wasn’t feeling as thirsty as my first Passion Run partly due to the great morning weather. But I dutifully picked up a cup at all the drink stations to avoid dehydration, especially when the second water point was a bit far. But besides losing precious time, I also lost a bit of momentum, especially at the last water station, which had an unwelcomed upslope stretch of 100 metres or more after we collected our drinks. My feet felt extra heavy, almost halting…I was panting hard…. :O

Like this lady, I normally take the drink and drink on the move to save time
and also not to block others. But drinking while running is tough! Most of
the time, the water would spill all over and you might even choke yourself!
A tip would be to try to crush the cup to a small opening to minimise spillage
and take small sips, but that takes some practice too especially if the cup is
too full to begin with…hahah

So for some people who preferred not to lose their momentum and have a sip whenever they needed to, it was a good idea to BYO… :p

Some carried a full bottled drink…

Some carried sports bottle. I tried carrying my normal water bottle when I started
running longer distance…but felt cumbersome…

Some carried them in special belt for bottles on the waist. Wow she’s so
sexy! 😀 We almost got ourselves one but didn’t really like the feeling of water
moving around the waist…

Tisu Boy has one of these in white too! This snug fitting bottle is easier to
hold then regular ones

Hmmm…I think this lady might have an over-pronation when she runs…
Hope she had gotten herself some better stabilising shoes…

Here comes the 5 km run ladies with pink running bibs! We ran on a slightly
different route and finishing point to avoid over-crowding

I found that usually when I run, there would be a point where I would feel very good – my legs would feel lighter and my pace seemed more effortless. I think it might be the effect of the release of endorphins. But for this run, I didn’t have that feeling at all. When I finally saw the 9 km marker, I wanted to speed up but my legs just refused to cooperate.  😦

Tisu Girl finally made it to the finishing point at 1 hr 18 min. So slow…hahah
I dun have my own photo at the finishing line with the timer cos there were
too many other girls around me… 😮

Yeah! We all made it!

Best friends holding hands finishing off the run! Great support!

The left side was where finishers collect drinks.We had to walk all the way
to the back on muddy ground to collect our runners’ kit

After I finished, I took my own sweet time resting and looking around for my friend who finished two minutes before me. There were already queues forming in front of the runner’s kit tent and some other sponsors’ tents. By the time I decided to queue for my runner’s kits, I found myself suddenly surrounded by so many others, and the queue had merged into a large mess…Not knowing where was the end of the queue, it was pretty chaotic with people cutting queues here and there.

“Hmmm…the content not very good leh…” :p

I think it took me about 40 minutes or so to collect my runners’ kit and yogurt drink. Didn’t bother to queue for the others as the sun was getting a bit too hot.

Yeah…finished another 10km run. Had a 10 minutes improvement from my
first run…but still very slow…hahah. I could only get a medium-sized tee
which was a bit big for me, especially the arm holes…

Everyone says Shape Run’s goodies bag is very good but the ‘goodies’ this
year din seem to be that good leh… :p

The finisher’s bracelet for 10 km runners. Would prefer to have a medal
especially when the bracelet does not look that attractive..looks a bit
cheapo to wear leh…hahah

The timing device with a magnetic strip on the reverse side. Er, quite
obvious I can’t tie lace properly… 😮

Itchyfingers will try to do better next time…

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  1. Love your Shape Run pictures! Very interesting. I was there too. Finshed 10k. 🙂

    • Hi Joyce,

      Would you like to give us your bib no. to see if we have any of your photo? See you in the next Shape Run! 😀

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