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Last Saturday, Itchyfingers joined about 150 people to take part in the non-competitive Vertical Marathon at the National Library Building (NLB). Er, actually to say it’s a ‘marathon’ is really an overstatement. The organiser didn’t say how many storeys will we be climbing up to get a view of they city area, but only state that the building is 90 meters high. So Tisu Boy estimated it should be around 30 storeys tall. The annual Vertical Marathon at one of Southeast Asia’s tallest hotels, Swissôtel The Stamford, is 226 metres tall and needs you to race 1,336 steps up 73 storeys. So, technically, the National Library Building is not even half as tall or half as many storeys. Hmmm, maybe it is more appropriate to call it “Mini” Vertical Marathon instead? :p

But whether it is a mini one or the real thing, frankly speaking, Itchyfingers have never tried climbing so many storeys. I used to stay on the 10th floor and now ‘downgraded’ to 8th floor…hahah…the highest I ever climbed was to the 11th floor of my old office when the lift took ages to come. So I wasn’t really sure if I could make it in one piece up the mysterious number of floors at NLB. But I was really keen to see the view, hence we decided to register for the fun of it.. :p

Didn’t manage to do any practise or training cos of sheer laziness…hahah…I did try once to climb up my block to the 12th floor but I automatically pressed ‘8’ to my floor when I was supposed to press ‘1’ to the ground floor for a second round of climbing…so in the end just went home…hahah…

The day finally came, but it had been raining and drizzling the whole morning. Though the rain won’t affect the event since we would be climbing stairs indoor, but I wondered if we could really go up to the top to see the view, or even if we could, it would be dark and cloudy…so just hope the sun would come out soon.

Great thing was the rain finally stopped and the sun showed up at last!

We reached NLB to see many participants of all ages already waiting

Finally, the numbers of storeys was revealed. It is 16 storeys high but each storey actually has 2 flights of stairs, so technically it should be 32 floors high. Hmmmm…good estimate, Tisu Boy!

Hmm…looking up…

3.30pm! Start of the climb! Can you spot one of our Mount Everest Woman
Team’s member in white?

As it was a non-competitive fun event, we were not assigned separate starting times in smaller groups, so it was kind of congested at the beginning. I had intended to just time myself to see how much time I would need to slowly climb up but with so many people blocking, it was near impossible to even climb at our moderate speed. So in the end, Itchyfingers just followed the people in front and took our own sweet time to climb up…and before we knew it, we were already on the highest floor!

Har? Reached liao?

Was a bit disappointed cos I had expected to be able to reach the highest level leading us to the roof top with an open-air and panoramic view of the city. But it turned out to be an air-conditioned level with only partial view behind glass panels. Beyond the 16th floor there was more steps but apparently we weren’t allowed to go further maybe due to security reasons. 😦

View from 16th floor

More view…

Surprisingly for a non-competitive and free event, NLB gave out medals
to all participants!

My second medal..hahah…In the end we took more than six minutes to
stroll up 32 floors…Gosh! That is about the same timing for the winner of
the Swissôtel marathon to race up 73 storeys! Slow coach Itchyfingers! Haha!

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