Rocket Tower

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Singapore is such a small island but how many of us can claim to have set foot in every corner of the country?

Itchyfingers have been staying in the west side of Singapore most of our lives, so it is not surprising to know that we have never visited some of the places on the other sides of the island. We always hear about the meeting place for nature walks at Seletar Reservoir to be at the Rocket Tower, and we have also seen photos of the Tower, but we have never really been to the Tower itself. So this fine day, Itchyfingers decided to pay it a visit.

The first thing to greet you when you reached the carpark must be the Rocket Tower…

Wow, very retro hor?! 😀

We couldn’t wait to climb all the way up the spiral staircase…

You would be rewarded with a 360 degree panoramic view of the reservoir
and the adjacent greenery!

Oooo…this looked like a nice place for running…

We spent some time on the tower, taking in the breeze and views, before making our way down to take a walk around.

Built in 1920 as Singapore’s third impounding reservoir, Seletar Reservoir
was officially opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra on
10th August 1969. In 1992, it was renamed as Upper Seletar Reservoir and
became a marked conservation site in 1999

When we saw the playground, couldn’t help but jumped up….

But it made me giddy... :p


I wanna play this but Tisu Boy had gone off without me... 😮

Sidetracked into the trails…didn’t find interesting birds to photograph…

In the end we did manage to see one beautiful White-bellied Fish Eagle soaring so low in the sky before we headed back to the direction of the tower.

White-bellied Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster), the largest raptor
commonly found in Singapore

Caught something familiar…You could actually see part of the Singapore
Zoo here…these boat rides bring you for a cruise along the Seletar Reservoir

Interesting to find the jetty submerged in the water…no wonder there
was the No Entry sign…

The 15 hectares park is great for many recreational activities with lush greenery. Do pay it a visit if you have never been there! 🙂

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