Tortoise and Hare

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Itchyfingers has never been athletic. In school, I had always failed my fitness test cos I never really bother to run for the 2.4 km..too tiring..(of course there’s the tough pull-up test to pass too). When I was a fat Tisu in primary school, I couldn’t even do a single sit-up for two years! I remembered once the teacher-in-charge must had been so shocked that he gave me a sympathetic, consolatory ‘5’ under the sit-up column. 😦 All of my growing up life I had been so unfit…and I never thought of doing anything about it. 😦

When I started working, I knew this Malay receptionist. A mother of two, she was still very active for her age, always doing trekking trips to Malaysia. Her trip to Nepal inspired me greatly, I thought to myself, if she could do it, I should be able to do it. From then, thoughts of going trekking in Nepal made me take my first step – I began running and going to the gym.

I did make it to Nepal after I left that company…but it was way before Itchyfingers started our little blog. :p

Since then, I have not stopped running, though I couldn’t really do it at a more regular basis due to the nature of my work, with all the long and irregular hours. But whenever there is time, I would go for a run if I have the energy. However, my speed and stamina never seemed to improve much, maybe because I couldn’t run more regularly. As I was so unfit half of my life, I was kinda envious of people who are very fit, especially those who are able to run in marathons. How did they ever manage to run that much, and that fast??

In recent years, I started harvesting thoughts of doing a marathon, but I was hesitant as I was not sure if I could do it. Then I got to know a few friends here and there who have done marathons – some with quite impressive timings. My desire got stronger…

I had wanted to just try out a 5 km fun run for a start, since the longest I have been running is about 4 km and I do not know if my knees can take longer distance. In the end I was convinced by my friend Butterfly, who has finished a few marathons, to do a 10 km run. I didn’t want to do my first run alone, so I dragged Tisu Boy to sign up together after finding out that the Passion Run has the Men and Women Open 10 km Run with same flag-off time…nevermind it is not a prestigious run as some others…I just want to do it before I change my mind…

I had about two months to prepare for the run but unfortunately I was sick twice – once during and after our recent overseas trip (look out for the post!) and another time just three weeks before the run, both with bad coughs.  I only managed to do an estimate of 8 km and 10 km (super) slow runs on my own and about thrice with Tisu Boy on shorter distances. So I should say I was not very well-prepared.

The day was finally here. It was so exciting seeing the flag-off for the 25 km run…those elite runners were really fast!

Tisu Girl before the run. I like the carnival-like atmosphere…everyone
was so happy…Too bad I couldn’t really fit into the official tee shirt as the
armpit holes were so BIG!

Itchyfingers before our very first run…should call it a fun run since it was
really nothing as compared to the 25 km and 50 km runs!

Then it was our turn. Kinda nice to be called ‘Runners’ when asked to assemble at the starting point…Me, Runner? Hahah…”Run your normal pace. Just dun stop.” Tisu Boy kept telling me. I was excited, nervous and worried if I could finish..But I told myself, “The Tortoise may be slow. But the Tortoise will finish the race.” Ganbette!!

The first 3 km was bearable…Tisu Boy was long nowhere to be seen..My mouth was super dry. Had to say that drinking and running at the same time was tough! Gotta just take small sips and tried not to stop in case I lose my momentum. One thing about marathons is the amount of rubbish we created…so many used paper cups discarded on the way…I tried to hold on to my cup until I reached a dustbin, or I tried to dump them with the others so it would be easier for the cleaner later. But…so much rubbish! 😦

Began to slow down after I finally passed the 5 km point…I looked at my watch…gosh…I was so slow…It was nice to have volunteers cheering people along the way. Finally…7km…then 8km…I know I gonna make it to the finishing point…slowly but steadily…

Then 9 km…out of nowhere so many other runners passed me…I think they must be those who started later…gosh…am I gonna be the last one? :O

At last when I finally saw the finishing point at a distance, I picked up my speed, and tried to run as fast as I could with whatever energy I had left…

Last 50 metres or so! Hurry up Tisu Girl! You had made it!

Must say I was quite thrilled to be able to finish…and I was not the last one! Hahaha…! In my excitement, I forgot to stop my watch to see my timing… 😦

Tisu Girl queuing to collect the finisher’s medal and other stuff…I thought
they would pack them nicely for us to collect but they all came as loose
items…It was only after I collected the medal that I remembered to check
my time…booo…

Tisu Girl after the race with my first running medal in my life, pretending
to be spokesman for 100 plus…hahaha….Feel shiok!

My medal. Thought it would be some cheapo, toy-like or plastic material
but it actually feels quite heavy.
.. :p

The back

The big armpit hole official tee…actually looked quite aweful…hahah

And the timing device that was responsible for giving us our official timing…

I estimated that I finished at a super slow pace of 1hr25min…but after checking the official site, it said I did it in 1hr28min instead. Boo….so slow…hahah…but small consolation was I did it within my projected time of 1hr 30min, though I would like to be able to finish in 1hr 10 or 15min…But I guess the whole idea of running and be a part of a marathon is to give yourself some kinda goal to achieve. I think if I didn’t sign up, I would never push myself to train and run that much. Of course completing this first 10km run is still far from my dream of doing a marathon, but I guess without making the first step, the dream would never be realised. I may have started late in life, but I really hope to be able to catch up…

Itchyfingers is not gonna just stop here.

P.S.: 4 Aug 2010 – Just received my finisher’s certificate with a photo of me almost reaching the finishing line and my timing. Felt like getting a report card…hahah…



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  1. Woah u went nepal before? Envy sia.. i always wondered how to trek Nepal.. Next time consult you.
    Actually I don’t like Passion Run tee haha. But they gave race belt which is quite useful for marathon run. You have it too right?
    But yah, joining marathon sometimes make me upset because of the litter we generated due to the event. I also don’t know how to rectify such situation. And seeing the poor cleaners picking cups in the bush made me felt 10 times guilty for being part of the accomplices.
    Anyway cya for Shape Run!

    • Ya went…but with much struggling…hahah…air too thin to breathe…

      Ya the tee sucks…race belt only for those long runs lah…we oni short short 10k where got belt…hahah…

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