New Lease of Life?

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Vesak Day is around the corner. It is one of those times where devotees will release animals to accumulate good karma. But do you know that most of these released animals will not be able to survive in the wild and die within a day of two later? Some of these animals were domesticated pets all their lives, and having no appropriate survival skills, would die soon of hunger. Others are newly imported to pet shops, equally unequipped to fend for and feed themselves in the wild. Some animals are specialised feeders that would only feed on certain food, which may not be available locally. Worse thing is, some animals were released in the wrong habitat – fresh water fish or turtles could end up in the sea and die. Then there are others that may survive because they are of a more aggressive nature than our native species, hence become a threat to our native animals as they compete for food and space.

Buying animals (eg. birds and fish) in bulk from pet shops encourages more import of such animals during these ‘peak seasons’ – when there is a demand, there will be a supply. Some people may poach animals from the wild or breed large quantity of animals to sell to people for releasing. Who knows, once you released them, they would be immediately caught back again for another round of selling.

So, it is really not a wise choice to release animals, thinking that it is a merciful act; giving the animals freedom and a new lease of life, when in actual fact, more harm is made.

An exhibition panel in the Amphibian and Reptile House at the Taipei Zoo.
The crying tortoise is asking, “Release to live or release to die?”

A closeup of the write-up…

So instead of releasing animals in the hope of accumulating better karma once a year, wouldn’t be it better to treat animals and fellow human beings with more respect in all other days? Pets should never be released in the wild and being responsible owner means taking good care of them once you have them or making sure you find them a better home if for whatever reasons you have to give them up. A pet is a life-long commitment. They are not play thing or toys that you can dispose off once you are tired of them.

Think carefully and make your choice.

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  1. Very interesting and informative blog, thank you!

    I agree that many people do animal liberation with not much mindfulness. Here are some links on doing animal liberation properly:

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    ~ Elaboration on Animal Liberation:

    ~ Proper Animal Liberation:

    ~ Prayer for Animal Liberation:

    ~ How to Practise Animal Liberation Wisely (DVD):

    ~ Must I Refrain from Eating the Kind of Animals I Liberated?

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