Exploring by Train (Part 3) – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #7a

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At last, after asking around for direction of “rot fai” (train in Thai language), we finally saw the railway track! No wonder we couldn’t find it, cos it was hidden among some houses…in our excitement we forgot to take a photo!!! 😦

First time we felt so happy seeing the railway track…hahah

Yeah! The train’s here!

Just as Itchyfingers thought we had made it in time for the next train and were about to look for the ticket booth, a guard came over and told us in halting English that the next train would be at 1.10pm. It was around 11.30am when we found the Ban Laem station, so it would mean we had to wait more than an hour to take the next train to Maeklong…

Tisu Boy trying to flip through the guidebook to see if there was any information
and found that it would be impossible to make it back to the city if we were
to wait for this train…We would really have to come back the next time…

Disappointed and tired, we thanked the guide and headed back to town to take the boat back to Mahachai….

But while dragging our feet under the scorching sun, we saw something interesting..

Oooo…what’s that?

Being Itchyfingers, we walked in to see…

Oh, squids!

We saw some women inside working and wanted to see the process. Then we saw a guy sitting at one corner, smiling and waving at us. We waved and smiled back and asked if we could go in and take photos.

The women were picking up the fully dried squids one by one…

More of them doing the collection

The floor was littered with broken pieces of the dried squids. This woman
hit the net with a stick to get rid of stubborn pieces that refused to come

The whole area was covered with nets and nets of squids for drying…

Fresh ones

Completely dried up under the hot sun!

We spotted some dried cuttlefish among the mountains of squids.. :p

Too bad we couldn’t communicate with the people, otherwise it would be interesting to find out exactly how long does it take to dry the squids…We nodded to the man and thanked him (this I know how to say in Thai…hahah) before proceeding to take the boat back to Mahachai…

This time I pointed at the boat tickets and pointed at myself to indicate to
the woman collecting tickets that I wanted to keep them…

Back at the fish market at Mahachai, we looked with interest especially the fish stalls selling squids – some were fresh ones while others were the dried ones…hmmm…they must had gotta the supplies from the factory just across the bank… :p

We were looking at these bags of small crabs when something familar
caught my eyes…Can you see it?

The stall owner saw us pointing at it and immediately took it out for us to see…

Horseshoe Crab!!!! Those selling here were the Coastal Horseshoe Crabs
that were the much bigger species. The one he was holding was at least
15-18 cm in diatmeter. This looked like the female…

The friendly stall owner posing for a picture..

Well, I knew that Thai people eat Horseshoe Crabs, but that was the first time we saw them actually selling in the market. So I asked the man how do they cook them, and he made the ‘grilling’ action with his body language. “Barbecue?”, I said, and he nodded. Then he also pointed to the Horseshoe crab and said they do eat the meat inside the shell…not too sure how much meat there was to savour, but normally people eat the eggs, which are toxic unless you prepare it the correct way. Besides Thailand, China and Halong Bay in Vietnam also eat it. Forgot to ask him how much were they selling the Horseshoe Crabs, as I was already feeling a bit sad especially when I just did a Horseshoe Crab rescue with a friend not too long ago… 😦

Another stall selling the Horseshoe Crabs. This stall owner was much more
unfriendly-looking so we din ask any questions…

Made it back to Mahachai station but the booth would only open half an hour
before the train departs at 1.15pm…

It was already lunch time but we felt so tired cos of the heat and didn’t have much appetite…tummy was too full with water too…

There were many roadside stalls selling the same fried snacks, this was
the only one selling this cute snack. Looked like some fish cake stuff…didn’t
buy a stick cos the stall was just directly next to the bus-stand, so it was
constantly absorbing black exhaust from buses…

Finally got our tickets back to the city. Itchyfingers would definitely
try to make the full train journey another day!

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